Window Shopping

Walking through Life, we seek the immediacy of experience. When it comes to emotive stimulus, the time of now exists like no other. We want it and we want it bad. Seeking this, we are willing to create any effect, any effect at all, in order that our rewards are not denied us. It seems as if we are not whole unless we do so.

The reward is, of course, a shallow one, but this is quickly forgotten as the next reward is already 'in the works'. Never do we sit idly by, waiting. We cause our effects and determine that those effects come from something beyond ourselves. Eagerly, our desire of participation exceeds all else.

Trapping ourselves we seek release by creating duration in order to completely empty the experience. Draining it, we wonder at the glory of everlasting existence, and so we continue in our quest of fulfillment.

You are where you started and all the so-called 'experience' creates an appearance of duration which just does not exist. Spinning our wheels, we make progress against the backdrop of our perception. We have come to believe and have been saved. We have saved ourselves from our own thoughts.

Reality, in essence, are those thoughts, and escaping from the pictures you create is not only silly, but unworkable. From one picture to the next, from one movie to the next, the plot varies little. Demonstrating ourselves to ourselves is the only way we can be sure that we exist.

How long will you fixate on the mirror, reveling in your own presence. "I have become a shadow of my former self" has now become "I have become the reflection. This is 'I'".

Escape while you can, play with your toys while you have interest. All in all, there is no place like home, and no experience like your own. :-)

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