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Waking Up In Someone Else's Dream

Sleepily we wander the Universe coming and going this way and that. It's like being at the amusement park, there is so much to see, experience and pay for. Eventually nothing happens. As we pick and choose our way through our... 21 Mar 2024

Capitalistic Spiritualism AKA The Grind

Capitalism is alive and well, thanks for asking. It has survived many onslaughts of opposition where the givers battle the takers. In the balance there is no balance as right and wrong become enmeshed in ideology. Personally I dislike, to a... 04 Feb 2024

Escaping The Inescapable II

Running is good exercise. It is also important to breathe. Destiny has a way of opening our eyes to what this little thing called life experience wishes to bring forth upon us. It really doesn't matter what you do, how you do or with... 06 Dec 2023

In Arriving We Are Laid To Rest

Within the bounds of our own existence we play out what excites us the most. Isn't it wonderful to feel alive! Traveling down the road of experience we take notes and pay close attention to that which we must 'learn'. Some say it's all a... 10 Nov 2023

The Mirror Never Lies

Riding the wave of our own essence we sooner or later find our selves upon the sands of time wondering how in the hell we got there in the first place. In the sudden realization of our presence we question. Relying upon what has come before, we... 09 Nov 2023

Fables of Glory And Shame

Living life after life can seem tiresome but no lives are endured without merit. There is a point to it all, just wait and see. I know that the wait part is typically used and abused to no end but all this is not on that part of the... 18 Oct 2023

Grasping The Time Away

There is no such 'thing' as time. It's a construct within which we choose to 'experience' one thing or another. Whatever. Clutching the purse like a nervous housewife we create that which we sow. We do need a place to do it all in so there it... 07 Sep 2023

Stepping On The Infinite's Toes

As we crawl our way across the finish line our minds become filled with all sorts of useless and very precious data. There is no going back so we must carry our baggage forward, all the way to eternity and beyond. Being ever mindful we jest in... 16 Mar 2023

And Then There Were None

Those who have left, have left while the remaining drunkingly stumble in ignorance little realizing that daddy is no longer at the helm. As the programming runs it's course soon or later a bump in the road becomes the mud puddle, wheels deep.... 06 Feb 2023

Climbing The Stairs of Perpetuity

It's called the survival of the fittest and yet the fittest never 'survive'. What does that tell you. While the tide and tides come and go the ticking clock never lies. There is no way out in the same way that there is no way 'in'. Where ever... 30 Aug 2022

The Way Forward

We all experience that which is most appropriate to our situation. Like a baby in arms all comes to pass as it is meant to. We becomes defined by our 'free will'. You know, it's that cause and effect thing. You become the effect of your... 24 Aug 2022

I Rest In Your Arms

The Universe, through it's astounding embrace, provides. There is just no other way to put that. If all is then we are.... 08 Aug 2022

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