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Walking In A Willfull Time of Deceit

Striding horses bear no name when viewed from afar and yet here we are watching in anticipation with a will-full vengeance in our heart. Bursting with righteousness we feel the righteousness and yet, and yet emptiness lies at our door step awaiting it’s rightful place in history. Viewing from afar we misplace our footsteps and so the consequence and consequences of our behavior bear fruit the likeness of which we tend to shun with disrepute and most importantly, disgust. And yet, here we are

The Symbolic Symbiosis of Imagination

In tethering the connections we tend to suborn the fact that our lives are lived not in independence but upon complete dependence. We depend upon others to establish a righteousness through we we find solace and yes, glee. Lost in imagination reality is neither here nor there. As we become the end result of our manifestations, questions arise as to who and what we really are. In a slight nod to reality, we take flight and embrace the longing. Look how we have grown! Are we not the masters so promised, gathered from the distance past to become the reality of today?..

All That Is

Counting telemetry we find comfort in the soul and souls of mice and Man. Ever-present we feel justified and in so bringing about our undying love of self we exude charm so that all may know. Who says that we can’t fool every one, ourselves included. In a propensity of being we find that we are. Glorifying our selves we weep with joy, oh such a pretty and wonder-full sight to behold! As a master of disguise no one will ever suspect. Safe and true to our ideals the wheel turns and leaves us never alone or wanting. Our season tickets leaves nothing to be desired other than the raw nature of our own petty desires…

Condensing It All Into... This

There is no such thing as ‘life’. Our so-called ‘perception’ is but a tiny, tiny glimpse into a knowledge that escapes or again, so-called understanding’ pf what is and is not. As we move from place to place we see that our environment changes as so the appearance that we have moved comes about. Let me be the first to tell you that there is no movement and you have not moved one iota. Standing still we provide the opportunity to take a moment, a breath of life and contemplation, so that all in our purvey may be reflected upon. To see is to know an in knowledge we tend to gain insight so that our future actions may come into greater alignment with our beliefs. It’s a nice plan and I would not take that away from you…

Wandering the fields.... of Life

Life presents it’s self in many, many ways and forms. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out wham!, a curve ball comes our way. I don’t like sports. Mostly because of it’s big following, as if it means some thing or another. It doesn’t. Sorry to burst the bubble of self happiness but reality has a different ‘spin’…

Foundational Beings

A basis exists upon which the building of all else resolves. It’s not the first cause nor the last but something entirely different. Looking through the telescopic lens of a reality that does not exist we see many a sight to behold. All sorts of comings and goings occur right before our very nose and yet we seem oblivious to a mechanical nature from which we were born. There is never anything quite like the time we are given. Since we all stand alone and aloof to connections well beyond our minuscule comprehension we seem to be in complete control of who and what we are. Thinking is and so we are. Sometimes we see far too much of our shadow and shadows, mistaking it for a reality that is neither here nor there and yet we weep with glee or sorrow depending upon the roulette table spinning our way to a glory just out of reach. Of course we make and create our trials to suit our needs and desires. ‘Paying the price’ just doesn’t quite seem to do it justice…

Waging An Honorable War

There is no ‘honor’ in war. There is no ‘honor’ is disparaging conversations where the listener becomes the oppressed. Plowing the fields with negative intent destroys not only ‘society’ but ‘human’ nature. There is no way out so why the hurry to scorch the Earth? In policy, demands are met but unfortunately the reality is that a convoluted path to destruction becomes ingrained such as a locomotive barreling down upon a reality that cannot change. When ‘progress’ becomes a marker then we have surely lost. Some find comfort in being controlled while others find comfort where it is given. Unbestowed, we live in a perpetual flux seeking and ‘finding’. The rules of chess required participation and so does the universe. We are all characters upon the stage singing and swaying to the director’s every whim. Or so we think

Walking In The Shadows

It’s true, I do keep a low profile. It’s not about relegating an ego to the waste bin nor is it about standing firm against the tides of good and evil. All things in this universe ebb and flow as nature intends. There isn’t anything we can do about it. It’s not accepting fate but about being an integral part of this universe in which we ourselves, ebb and flow like the tides of eternity bearing upon the sands of time. One must know where one stands. In purpose we find desire and in so doing light the torch of consequence where judgement falls upon us by the hardest of taskmasters, ourselves. I am neither the judge nor the jury but merely a concerned citizen sitting among the audience watching the inevitable play out. Is it any wonder that one’s attention can drift to all sorts of avenues. But that is not me…

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