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Passing The Time of Day II

In a defining moment of our lives reality takes much more than just a blow to the head. It is knocked completed unconscious bordering on consciousness. In a twist of fate we find ourselves displaced in a reality we have comfortably called home. Sometimes it takes a lot to ‘ascend’…

Riddle Me This

In the last twilight of our dreams waking moments drift as if upon the sands of time. Wandering the streets of fire we eventually come to a dead-end pass where the good guys and bad guys deserve their just reward. From one side of the fence to another the ping pong ball effortlessly glides and makes contact and as the sun rises over our domain thoughts come freely and usually with quite the gusto of will. As a ship coming to shore avoids the rocky morass of intelligent design we take pride in the fact of our own existence grateful in the knowledge that we can turn our backs to the wind and ignore completely the heritage from which we derive our being. There is no place like home. Where ever and when ever we look and seek for the signs of our life, we find comfort and in so comforting ourselves we take solace in the fact that we are. But are we?..

Every Single Thing

In trespassing we find purpose, sometimes especially when we least expect it. Our point of view carries us forward and then after a while we find out that it actually pushes us forward, many times to our detriment. In the pits of hell we do indeed find purpose but is that the point of living in a world where we have made our little contribution to insanity? We must do our part, we are told and so we live up to the task and come out the other end scratching our heads perplexed as to our outcomes. Eventually we find ourselves and sanity returns but in the between times where does that leave us? There are always those who agree with our purpose and plan and then the other shoe falls where we learn that as long as we go along to get along our sheep serves us well. Is that the cattle call I hear or just the empty echoes of a long lost soul wandering aimlessly out in the vastness of time, space and immaterial objects. It can be frightening to look at one’s self in the mirror…

Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing upon a star against the backdrop of the deep dark blackness of space, loneliness comes full circle and impacts the ground below and above our feet planting us firmly upon the firmament of time, space and the joy of sorrows yet to come to pass.In aliveness we find death and yet scratch our heads in wonder as to what it all means. Understanding never quite seems to take root in the cellar of our dreams. Perhaps there is yet time to open the door and see. Spinning in circles our breath carries our voice upon the four corners of the universe in an expression that never seems to full-fill. Perhaps our lives will yet come to be revealed as we read the newspaper of life, living and the pursuit of temporary happiness. The parking meter seems to be slowly working it’s way down into the zone called our obscurity…

Calling The Heavens

Well, it’s not a secret. Now that it’s been brought forward enough for even the walking dead to notice we can all go home now, right? Job done, let’s move on because there’s plenty in the pipe that need doing. Waking up awareness can be like pulling teeth and I can speak for others at this point by saying that we’ve had enough pouting and complaining to last well into the next millennium. There are no take-aways. Rules and regulations are great for discipline and even better for enslavement. There is no way out but fighting the ‘good’ fight can help to create the justification for enablement. The few, the proud, the brave. The list was a short one but now not so much. Toddlers come to walk sooner or later and though the proud mom’s may boast of ‘early’ development we all know the truth of the matter…

The Writing On The Wall

In the night of our dreams the boogy-man comes a’calling. At least that is the way of the world as told by our betters. Authority always rises and falls, sometimes relegated to the back burner and other times right there in your face. There is no escaping from ourselves that is for sure. There is always a calling, a seeking and yearning for one stupid thing or another. Believe me, I’ve seen it all flow across the canvas of time, being and whatever your flavor of the day is. Neither shaken nor stirred, I am unmoved. But this isn’t about me and mine, it’s about time and the essence of believe-ability…

Tilting The Wheel, Filling In The Gap

Lots of stuff is happening these days, especially as the gods practice their bowling up in the heaven of dreams. There are plenty of lines in the sand all across this ‘mysterious’ universe where a huge cast of characters display their wares. The King may have no clothes but who cares, right? We’re all in this together. As tension catches hold and releases, into the Valley of Kings do we tread. The Ancients may have a history but who cares about that too, right? There are always those whose profession it is to disturb the dirt and cough, sneeze and retreat from all the crap that they themselves provide. We all have our jobs to do, do we not?..

Listen To Your Heart

In proclamation we seek justice and in the time of our own shadow we yearn for, wait for it, truth. Of course when our perception takes form so do we and in our expression the definition becomes clear though meaningless. What are we to make of it all and when shall we do thus. As time passes before us upon the road of life’s journey where shall we then find ourselves? Is it that being lost is in our nature or are we just embracing but another form of being one thing or another, one that or another. Speaking in circles we come to fulfill the emptiness which drives and provides depth and meaning to the shallow and mostly non-existent perpetuation of thought in action. If purpose provides meaning then who the heck gives a heck about anything other than our own self interest. Are we not in the driver’s seat taking ourselves on another exciting adventure into the ‘unknown’. Where are the heroes?..

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