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I’ve got an idea, let’s blow ourselves up! “It’s time to celebrate!”>..

Harboring No Good Will

Nothing in this Universe is as it appears. As appearances go, the presentation is seriously lacking. Parlor tricks may provide entertainment but it’s at a base level. Where are all the warm and fuzzies, have they gone? Looking about we find whatever it is we are longing for, sometimes to good effect and at other times not so much. In the rise and fall of our breathing we take in what is required. Stepping lightly may provide a safe haven but it changes nothing. We see what we see and that which we see we are. There is no becoming in that at all. The urge for growth is but a play upon our sympathies. Traveling in time and space does little to ‘fix’ that…

Stretching The Thought Into Oblivion

Following the thread, we tend to err on the side of caution for we know not what lies ahead. It’s a lie of course but it’s suitability suits us as we take on whatever means to our end. Playing out the story-line, we relish the thought of reaching our destination. Hanging onto our hats the ride comes alive! As we progress down the Halls of Justice we notice the walls are lined with portraits of those who have come before us. Never to leave one behind we recognize countenance upon countenance. Gazing, if only for a fleeting moment, reminds us that we are not alone. We indeed do stand upon the shoulders of giants…

Nothing Remains

In a world without end where do we find the finality of our hopes and dreams. In expectation our lives take flight and carry us across the worlds of desire but in reality we never leave home. It must be strange to feel alive and yet ‘dead’ at the same time. Though the walking dead of our dreams can haunt us reality tells us a much different story, a story which unfolded tends to surprise and amaze us. It’s true, we are not alone…

I Rest In Your Arms

The Universe, through it’s astounding embrace, provides. There is just no other way to put that. If all is then we are

The Plot Thickens

Lost in a maze of wandering projections where oh where can the exit be. Looking to the left, looking to the right, nothing offers salvation. And then, inspiration hits. Shall we play a game? Since there is no way out of this Universe or any other such none-sense where does that leave us. If the way ‘out’ is the way through then the question must be asked, through what, exactly. Perception tends to leave us high and dry and so we spin the Wheels of Fame and Fortune and take refuge in it’s embrace. In looking we never really see. That which lies before us is nothing but our own desires seeking fruition…

Willoughby The Watcher

Nothing is apparent other than our predilection for catastrophe through the use of rhyme or reason. It all boils down to what it is that which we percolate through the Universe. usually it’s through time and deceit but many modes of operandi exist. Gazing through a fine lens, we think we see. If it takes a man to make a man what then are we to do with a reality beyond imagination. Shall we play a game of chess? Like it or not rules come into play and then we are there, surrounded by our own desires and living the life we call ‘good’. Stepping apart, there is no separation in which to do our dirty little deeds. Importance can only take us so far…

Engaging Overdrive

As we travel down the road of isolation, past regret and sorrow we tend to pick up steam so as to further our road ahead. As the impetus becomes clear we cement our relationships so as to further our road ahead. It’s true, we’ve all been down this road before. Regurgitating our beliefs, we find solace but as we believe so it is. Who will come to save us from the self which we have purposefully become? The answer, of course, is no one. In the same manner as we display the clothes with which we encompass our selves with so it is as we are. Momentary as it is, we are

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