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Red Alert! Red Alert!

“Help! I’m being overrun with zombies!” In the land of non-living living there is a plethora of those who enjoy overwhelming the opposition with tales of woe. Maybe it’s just my fate that almost all of those with whom I experience an encounter, whatever it is that I might have or even want to say becomes meaningless in the face of the deluge called ‘me, me, me’.

Sentry Posting

Stepping up we take root and sometimes when we get lucky enough we catch the wave. Surfing through time and space, it’s usually a good idea to don what is appropriate for the occasion. Must we not look astonishingly proper and fit while hanging ten? Standing out in a crowd of unbelievers is not something that I would want to take to the bank but for those suicidal enough, make sure to carry a big enough stick to fend off the little fishies as those big ones take much more than a little whack to the head in order to see the light. There have been a few things previously written here about catching the wave. You know, it’s that tiny little thing that shakes the universe to it’s core by picking reality up by it’s shoulders and shaking the hell out of it. Who wouldn’t notice that, right?

Status Report: 2020 Jan 11

An update every now and again seems appropriate for the times but don’t take my word for it. In a way this is more of a statement of facts than a status report but one can take it either way. It depends not just on what side of the fence you live on but what particular road you have chosen for yourself to traverse. But never mind that right now. Recently there have been two conditions that have been met. These are quite important because they are not something that comes along on a regular or even timely basis. Noteworthy events require notes worthy of such.

Come On Baby Light My Fire

Sometimes the call goes out and through deafened ears the message received is nothing but background noise to which we ever-pleasantly ignore. Of course this has nothing to do with the point being made here at all. Receptions are a funny thing but that’s because I seem to entertain myself endlessly. Others from time to time seem to share my beliefs but again, this has nothing to do with anything other than words being thrown upon the canvas of life and living much like those dreaded abstract artists who leave the foretelling to others while they walk away with a fist-full of cash. Isn’t life so wonder-full? Tossing our lives into the garbage heap of junk what then are we left with? Protecting the family heritage seems to matter a great deal and so we tend to carry forward one thing or another in our quest of monopolizing the universe to our selfish endeavors. We matter - a great deal as our thoughts provide the ever-present peek behind the curtain of uncertainty. We can’t help but _give…

revisedA Trip To Town, and Back

Traveling is an art. In time and space things happen. They don’t just happen but they do indeed happen. Sometimes it’s the order that is important and at other times it’s the when. The two could be confused but that is not the crowd to which the podium currently faces. Let me see, is it that the dark skies comes from the East or is that the West. The other directions surely must also come into play but one thing is for certain, things are directional, to and fro. Sometimes we sit placated and watch the progression of those things which progress taking comfort that this too shall pass. But there are other times with which being placated becomes inappropriate and so we dabble, all wizard-like, in order to perform. Sometimes the willow does break.

Eagles Fly

In times of old ‘progressive’ thinking became the basis of thinking and from that was born an era of mindless ecstasy rooted in self-serving venues where performances and performers endeavored to out-perform any and every thing on the face of the Earth… and beyond. It’s the beyond thing that caused the ruckus we see today, not the natives running amuck in their own backyard naked, afraid and foaming at the mouth with fervent hopes, dreams and government-approved and sanctioned ways of living and… dying. Don’t be afraid, just follow the path and you’ll come out all right. Like I said, hopes and dreams.

Twisted Paths, Serpentining Our Way

There is a lot happening these days. It could even be conjured that so much is happening, that the mind just cannot keep up. Not that it ever could but please don’t tell the children that because killing the Tooth Fairy is not always a good thing - especially in front of the wife and kids. But never mind that right now. We all find our way one way or another. Of course by the time we get there, right at the bitter end it does indeed become…. bitter. I suppose that the best methodology known to ‘man’ is to bury that sucker somewhere out in the boonies where no one could ever, ever find it. The skeletons in the closet thing… that is so, yesterday. But never mind that right now.

Getting The Old Knickers In A Bind

The best laid plans of mice and men. Low and behold as we read the Akashic Records tucked away right in the dust jacket a little note was hidden. Curious as to what the note said or the reading itself? I’m sorry to break it to you but I don’t read any records, none at all. The thirst for knowing it all has done and left me for good a while back. I’ve left cookie crumbs if you’re interested in foraging but I digress yet again. The note said that if you can read this, you are too close.

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