Rockin' 'Round The clock

In coming full circle much is revealed although through time and space it sometimes seems to take forever and a day. These kinds of things run an established cycle and the 'rinse and repeat' is indeed well known one. There are no secrets in this Universe so in the attempts to 'hide' behind a rock or the nearest shadow results in nothing but a Keystone Cops scenario. It is quite hilarious to watch.

It's the usual suspects with the usual motives. There is nothing 'new' about it all as the track record reveals all. Most of the time I find it quite difficult to not be bored with some new-found 'creativity' exerted upon the 'blindless' masses1.

As time goes on events play themselves out. It's not in the unfolding but in the moment of it's creation. You know the the saying, "creative people create", the rest become sedentary as they click the remote for some better viewing experience. It's that old trick, we have come here to 'learn'2.

It's true, I have nothing to offer. So go home.

Home is where the heart is3.

  1. It's true, I am using a whole lotta of quotes here. It's for the one's who seem to know it all and yet lack understanding. That second part is quite noteworth. 

  2. This always gives me a good chuckle. 

  3. It's not about 'knowing' your self, it's about being that which you already are. Some tend to 'forget' that while surfing experiential delights that not only tantalize the senses but also leaves us with grand mental images which we can then carry forward along with all the rest of the our baggage. Isn't life 'wonderful'? 

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