You Are What You See

you are what you see

This website uses the phrase "you are what you see" as a sort of slogan or mantra in order to create a common basis of understanding

In order to rely understanding from point 'A' (this article and even this website) to point 'B' (the reader) a number of factors become involved. Among those factors are the definitions of words, terms and phrases. While sensing each of these the reader will typically use their own interpretation without a second thought until the context becomes ill-defined. At that point, if the reader is conscious enough, he or she will search for the mis-match where understanding went awry, where the reader's own understanding and that of the author diverted. At that point the reader either gives up their definition or interpretation and either temporarily or permanently takes on the viewpoint of the author, or refuses the author's interpretation over of the right-ness of their own.

These two pathways provide both positive and negative characteristics and the reader, according to their own closely held beliefs, will choose that which most closely matches their own motivation or being. The main so-called 'problem' in imparting understanding is that the recipient runs the risk of losing their own. This is what happens in regards to what occurs in the process called understanding and for many it is a very, very dangerous road. A threat to one's being and all that it encompasses is something which is taken very seriously. So in order to alleviate such conditions word-play becomes an object of play.

Words are like the Magician's incantation which conjure up images out of nothing and evoke a compelling interest in such. Words are the medium where thoughts, ideas and concepts are imparted, one to another. Words are but one means to this end and as we decline into the soup called solidity words become the sticks and stones which make and break us. But this article will not be diving quite that deeply into that so as to keep the focus as narrow as is possible.

In creating and duplicating thoughts, ideas and concepts one must be willing to be subservient to the field of play. Bounds and limitations are required in order to successfully conjure up anything so as to be contextual in nature and duplicate-able. How else can one impart these without some type of common basis? The rule of law, in accordance with this, is: Creation can only be defined in existence. Existence is the common playing field where all the players have signed contracts engaging themselves to particular bounds and limitations. This play field is where all so-called 'spiritual freedom' resides. There is no freedom for the players as the only way to win is to not play.

In this defined existence creation takes place; creation being the result of thoughts, words and ideas. One can attach any interpretation one so chooses to any created object and in common agreement the molecules align to form something called mind.

Let's take a moment to reflect on that...

[insert reflection here (that's you the reader)]

The Essence of Being

Being must precede the gladiator games of conquest and despair. Before being let loose upon the sands of time (aka the playing field) a viewpoint must be created from which to view. You see therefore you are. Do you see how that is?

By looking out upon that which supposedly lies outside of your self the sense of being is created. It really is nothing but another idea and this out-growth of experiential sensing relies upon the playing field in which to do business. In may be difficult to understand but being is but another idea which we have of what we really are and what we really are is nothing but an idea of what is. How does one relate the understanding of that which precedes such? Holding onto our store of so-called 'knowledge' we relate all that is in accordance to it fine tuning the instrument as is necessary to produce perfection. It will never come as it is never meant to be.

How does one become something other than that which one is? If one cannot fathom the depths of one's self then of course the universe is mysterious and full of wonder and awe. Yes, we are full of wonder and awe because it is what we are - and yet so much more!

But let's get back just a bit closer to a common reality much more easily perceived.


'Perception' is such an interesting word because it opens the door to a number of other areas. In order to perceive one must be at a place from which to view. This is called a viewpoint - a point from which to view. A viewpoint can be large in scope or small in focus but looking at it this way would be erroneous in the same way that saying the last domino to fall is the one that fell, where it is the first domino which falls while the rest simply follow suit. This is an important point much in the same way that intent differs from reason.

Tracing back cause and effect, intent becomes revealed. It is to this point which viewing that which lies 'outside' of one's self becomes evident - the viewpoint of being. Being defines the view created through which perception takes place. I see you.

As a receipt point the viewpoint takes in or experiences that which lies outside of it's self. There is a clear distinction and difference between 'here' and 'there'. Here am I and there all else is.

The arrival of that which lies outside of one's self passes through the eye of perception1. Much in the same way that the body's eyes provide sensing information the eye of perception provides the same. As you are the one behind those eyes that definition is your being.

The Mind of Man

The mind is a slow and methodical device employed for the sole purpose of providing the means through which interaction with fellow players upon the field of existence becomes defined, refined and urged ever on-ward. Filtering, relating and providing established means, the book of life and living can become a challenge to manage. This is the reason a sharp and quick mind is showered with honor upon the field of play. Hercules too was so honored for his courage and strength but as always, too much of a good thing is dangerous. The field of play is full of tricks and traps to engage even the dull and dim-witted. Struggling for a place of honor these too become used and abused. But that is the purpose of having a Book of Knowledge is it not - to hold sway over mortal Man.

Upon the field of play there are winners and there are losers. Through the mind disasters do happen.

But this is the stuff which dreams are made of and since hopes and dreams are but a introverted reflection of our own so-called weaknesses upon the field of play where can they take us but ever on-ward, to push the game out into overtime just a tad longer for the hope-full benefit of winning.

The only way to win is not to play. Look at the alternative. To win is to have the greatest mind known and unknown to Man. To experience and acquire all that exists - to have it all! Does not one realize that in order to acquire one must give it away first?

In order to establish a point from which to view one must expand one's self to encompass all that is beyond such. In order to create a field of play or even to become one of the players one must create bounds and limitations. One must reign in the beast called complete awareness of all time and space. Yes, it is a beast because it threatens our ignorance, our veil of stupidity. Can one really think that one does not know?

That is a very interesting question. Can one create something unknown? How can one know what or how to create such? That is surely something to send the mind into a spin with.

Perhaps now is a good time to remind the reader that from one's own point of view all that exists resides outside of one's self. At least that is the impression. Get it? Impression as in sensory information passing through the eye of perception in order to arrive at the receipt point - you!

You are, therefore all is.

The Eye of Perception

What is this Eye of Perception which lies between one thing and another, between being and existing? Being is on one side of the fence and existing, the other. There is a clear and definitive separation - there has to be. That separation is called the Eye of Perception as the thread through the needle, existence arrives, passes through and makes it mark upon being. Is there really a separation?

Through thoughts, ideas and concepts Man creates. This capacity is not some mysterious 'gift' given by the gods in their delight for entertainment. Out of separation division occurs and it can sometimes be a long and arduous road back. But this illusionary road ultimately leads to no-where as the end result is that which propels the journey. You are the captain of your ship and though playing cook in the galley may lead to rocky shores it changes nothing.

The viewpoint or being is that which provides definition for the coalescence of that which is. It changes nothing but does provide a field of play in which to full-fill some proclivity or desire the basis of which lies beyond the capacity of creation to fathom. How does one contain that which lies beyond one's own existence.

Does this mean that all that is is unknowable? The question is quite mad. How does one know of that which lies beyond knowledge by employing knowledge to find out? It is just madness!

The answer is to let go of all thoughts, ideas and concepts so that the presence of that which remains beyond awareness will have room to show itself. When we are full of ourselves what room is there for anything else?

In closing the Eye of Perception we break apart the separation of beingness allowing what is not to be but to take ourselves out of the picture in order to allow what is to happen, happen.

One cannot close perception as it is but one side of the coin but one can take a step back.

Go ahead and try it and see.

Are You?

If indeed you are what you see then what exactly are you? The answer is everything because it is all about you. You are the center of everything and all that is. Without you nothing is. Without you there can be no playing field upon which damsels may be rescued. Without you there can be no Man-kind or any other kind. Without you no one else can find existence. It's not that you are a piece of the puzzle - you are the puzzle!

It is to this puzzle which all salutations and tribute belong. Without you there can be no understanding, enlightenment, pain nor ignorance. Without you the sun will never rise nor set. Everything depends upon you and you alone.

Just don't let it go to your head...

And that's the rub. Through thoughts, ideas and concepts we make and create every experience known to this Universe and all others. Through every dimension, time and space our fiddling creates the sense of movement and yet nothing ever really happens. In the never-ending story called 'me' there just is no end because we are endless where all that happens takes place.

Whether a world for peace or for war there is no difference when it comes to our own complexity. Why fathom the unfathomable when the urge to right the wrongs so prevalent before us calls? Duty does call does it not? Duty to what, exactly? Keeping the field of play alive ensures one's own experiential delight. If that is your calling, have at it!

But when one moves beyond the progression of maturity to where that still small voice beckons us, well then, the field of play becomes but just another sandbox in which the kids find enjoyment and play. It seems as if there are always kids playing in one sandbox or another and it seems that just about every school has one in which to beckon and call those of need...

Oh Say Can You See...

The guiding light is nothing but ourselves way ahead of us. If you do not believe this then just stop being you for just a moment - just a small, tiny moment in time, just long enough to see - and you will see.

Yes, you are what you see of that there is no doubt. Can there ever be?

Additional Information

  1. The term "Eye of Perception" is one which is used by a particular congregation of points of view. It is neither a true nor an accurate description as it is based upon a certain philosophy or out-look. I have used this term in this particular way in order to re-align those particular points of view, not to create the impression of there being some thing new upon which to attach one's self. Consider it as a test of perception to understand perception in action. That describes it pretty well but is non-inclusive. 

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