In The Field Of Play I Am But A Piece

We all have our playing fields in which to do our deeds. From winning to losing the process begins, endures and finally comes to an end. In this life cycle of re-cycle we come to embrace our just rewards - experience!

On our board of strategy we yearn to partake of the victory and only through our own efforts do we reach our final destination. In this play of characters and props we reign supreme as we make our move and moves. Pushing the pieces here and there we play out our hand.

In the field of play I am but a piece.

Back behind the strategy of thought, the Master calls the shots. Looking beyond our own self we come to find that our life experience is but a drop in the bucket, it is but another stage calling for another performance. Who or what is it that lies behind the curtain, pulling our strings as we dance to it's beat. Surely the thoughts we entertain as to who or what we are, are tried and true. But are they?

We always make the right moves at the right time. Whether they be judged in a positive light or negative, we remain what we are in complete disregard to our cast of characters. We are what we are in spite of our best efforts to "become". It is to this that our efforts come to be directed. Sooner or later we will find that it is we who oppose our own ways and means, our own statement of existence which purports to provide the final answer. In reality, this seeking creates the becoming.

Can we find our own way back home?

Losing one's self is surely preposterous but don't tell the masses of seekers, all looking for a good time. Seeking is not finding but merely a delaying tactic, another experience to be endured. Endure it no longer.

Our perception clouds reality so perhaps the best action to take is to remove the eyes of deception. Unfortunately, that very same perception continues unabated. Perhaps another route to perfection is required.

Dressing our nature in thoughts, concepts and ideas is a job for the mind of Man and this it does extremely well. So why not just cut the middleman out and toss it onto the refuse pile along with all the rest of the trappings of Man. In fear we embrace our prized collections, holding on tight for dear life. Yes, life must be nurtured, must it not?

Perhaps the best way to follow the string home is to realize that where-ever you go, in what-ever you do - you are there. It's not as if we have forgotten ourselves, perhaps it's more of wanting to enjoy a mortal existence - all the while complaining about it as if we are a victim of circumstance. It's true though, we are a victim of circumstance. A circumstance that we created. Poor selves!

An actor in full dress is what we are, pretending that our pretension is just and true. What folly!

You will always be a piece upon the board of Life and Living until you well understand that this is your game and that you are it's creator.

So get over it.

All actors are but the leftover pieces of life and living. If one enjoys the leftovers, then have at it!

But for those who recognize the mysterious something that is behind the curtain pulling the strings, all that can be said is a smile.

How is it that our reflection tells us that we are when it is this "we are" that is doing the looking? For that there is no cure.

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