Where Have All The Players Gone?

Game-play is a wondrous analogy of occurrence and demarcation in a universe built for change. All change occurs because that is it's nature. Any idea that one may possess, perhaps even to fervently hold onto, will eventually morph into something else. This principal of existence encompasses all aspects of life and living in this universe. It is, after all, a universe of change.

Be it players or pieces, or even the board itself, change takes it's toll and make it's mark known whether by consent or decree. If one does not rule their universe through change, then the universe comes to rule the being. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Do you remember that slogan from way back when? Waste is when it becomes honored as the Master and oneself as the slave. Here is a note to those unaware: if one does not take the universe by the horns the universe will surely oblige by filling the void.

It's not a matter of domination as can be seen played out upon the Earth at this time. One does not dominate the universe as it simply can not be done. One can, and must, dominate the proclivity to capture the change that is the universe. Holding on for dear life, life and living becomes one of pain and sorrow.

So where have all the players gone?

Looking and searching for the Lighthouse while lost at sea is a commendable activity but the truly savvy Captain finds solace in his own being, in his own experience, to confidently navigate unfamiliar or turbulent waters. One must always be firmly rooted in one's own nature in order to understand and surmount the universe of change.

All the players and all the pieces remain, but our own nature remains unchanged and unchangeable. Our perception can be altered to no end but in this life and living scenario of time continuation, seeking is just another entry in the buffet of experience. The piece looks to the player while the player looks to all time and space, to all universes and experiences from which to draw the appropriate, dynamically aligned, movement.

If one wishes to join the game-play of evolution then perhaps one must endow themselves with the appropriate tools of self conquest. Without it, one is doomed to wander in the halls of self-delusion for all eternity.

A being does not 'become' a player through choice though a piece certainly does. In this difference of existence the universe of change relishes it's plan and purpose. A piece may wave their hands in the air shouting "Pick me, Pick me!" while the player comes to be chosen through no choice of their own.

A piece may proclaim it's player status but failure always results while the player may proclaim it's piece status and be ever denied.

Finding your own way to perfection is not at the expense of others but at the expense of your own silly follies. Confronting one's own silly antics is the only way to release the grasp of permanency and let nature takes it's course.

The universe does indeed move in mysterious ways...

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