Questionable Times, Questionable Motives

It's true. The air has come alive with change and this change continues the tradition of the metaphor: there's a locomotive headed your way.

Undue outside interference, begun in earnest quite some time ago, is finally abating as promised. Many times when reading reports such as this, future events are relayed with the supposition being that it is present time information. For an operating thetan, to which reports such as this are addressed, multiple layers of information are imparted and received. Typically this information is viewed as being of inconsequence to those whose caliber of wisdom is less demanding, but none-the-less, this information does indeed reach it's target. The conscious mind is not an important part of this process.

It's become quite obvious, or should be quite obvious to even the subjugated masses that an altercation has occurred along with the resulting reorganization. This reorganization solidifies procedures which have been built upon long ago. We are not where we are at today by accident - not by any stretch of the imagination. The cusp of our endeavors continues to bear fruit in moving viewpoints along paths as established by the Galactic Patrol and authorized by the Grand Council. This legitimacy becomes quite important in regard to the Free Zone, it's purpose, plans, goals and endeavors. This is a diplomatic affair.

Let this be repeated: This is a diplomatic affair.

This neither supersedes nor diminishes other on-going missions and the like. Like the peeling onion, layers have been travelled in order to arrive at the core. This core is much, much closer now and in that respect, so too are the final outcomes. The Vector Action Board and Vector Analysis Board are in alignment and it seems the stars are shining too!

Events in the physical realm of Man dictate results, not jumping off points. It's not a matter of being one step ahead at all. It's a matter of reading the teas leaves to confirm what already is. The tea leaves have been consulted and they have proudly proclaimed that they agree - it's all a matter of perspective.

But reality is not a matter of perspective. What is - IS. The choice can be made to either ignore it or to acknowledge it. Ignorance, which is what the Free Zone is really all about, is but a short thrill ride for the fear-full. Safety accounts for more than just warm fuzzy feelings, do you not agree?

Now that the beans have been spilled let us gather them up and feed the hungry.

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