Conflicting Opinions

There are two websites which are piggy-backed to each other, seemingly reflecting a dual interest in matters of the spirit. This apparency is false as both are one and the same. The only difference is in the facade, in the view.

Here at Free Zone America, Scientology, in all of it's aspects, is the focus while at Gathering Minds a different sort of focus is presented. There is no contradiction. Scientology, here, applies in it's truest form while at Gathering Minds it's position is non-specific but the results are the same.

The results are the same.

When we hold dear principals of existence we lose them. To hold is to agree that one is in need of something which one does not have. Granting beingness requires the acknowledgment that ALL beings reflect the same nature as one's own. In this way we acknowledge that no separation exists.

We are not separate from complete and total freedom. Though many policies and procedures, actions and goals exist in order to help one define a purpose and plan, they all, ultimately, must come to an end. And that end, for many, can only come through focused attention, a determined doingness in order to help bring to the fore what one has relegated to far off never-never lands. In this case, effort is required to reverse the actions of consequence.

At Free Zone America a point of view has been established for quite some time now and it still remains unchanged. Using the means at our disposal change becomes naturally occurring. Focusing on the Free Zone is just another way of saying "Wake up!".

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