The Free Zone: What Is It Really?

CBR (Captain Bill Robertson) first brought to light the term "Free Zone" and since then all hell has broken loose. It's really amazing the amount of movement that has occurred from this action and 'seeing the light of day' has brought new meaning to many thetans. New meaning as well as purpose. When life comes to revamp itself, interesting times are indeed afoot.

And so, we live in interesting times.

The things that go on in this universe have no compulsion in being "hidden" nor cloaked in mystery. The obvious is obvious and with any sort of feeble attempt at awareness, this becomes firmly understood. Just because the rallying cry of "Spiritual freedom!" echoes among the bell towers, this does not mean that in fact, there is a desire for such. The obvious takes many shapes and forms and with a properly tuned awareness unit, all is revealed.

Perception can be a very personal thing but going beyond selfish needs and desires there lies a reality that moves in and among us, completely ignorant of our own deep-seated beliefs. As a matter of fact, this reality compels us to action whether through a awareness of dynamic alignment or through the utmost stupidity. Those who are spiritually blind are doomed to mindlessly respond as the universe pulls the strings of action. Many are the puppets and yet there remains, perpetually in contradiction to the enforced status quo, those who nurture an insight-full nature.

Through this awareness nothing is hidden nor cloaked in mystery.

This, my friend, is what the Free Zone entails. Removing the dregs, clarity remains.

The point of bringing the Free Zone to light is to upscale the awareness factor of Man living on the Earth, to move perception from the prison bars out to a sane and clear perspective. In movement the universe relishes in delight and so the Free Zone came to be.

In an environment free of restimulation a thetan enjoys the opportunity to express their individuality, to move beyond themselves by climbing the stairs of the Life Dynamic. In this totality of expression the joy of beingness is the prime motivator which pushes the thetan into "something" called the vast unknown. In this respect, the Free Zone creates a vacuum whereby the beingness has little choice but to move ahead.

It is not as if the thetan has no choice or free will, it most certainly does as is demonstrated by the many who swim against the stream of life and living enabling an entheta existence to be brought forth. But this is not our concern. By extending the hand of friendship to Man there is no distinction made between the black and white hats but there is a distinction made, and quite markedly so, between a sane and clear environment and one rooted in darkness and despair.

It's your future. You can either fight it or take the route of happiness. Your choice.

And that is what the Free Zone really is.

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