The Pilot Is Dead

Long ago I created this Home Page for The Pilot to give him the space where he could accumulate his written works. As time went on "The Pilot's Home Page" section at Free Zone America grew not only in the accumulation of his written works but also in the amount of people interested in his material. His popularity skyrocketed.

And then it happened.

From his strong foundation in Scientology principals and procedures he took flight off into the Night of the Long Lost Soul never to return. I would not wish this upon anyone and so it was at this point that all of his material was removed from Free Zone America.

Wandering off the path is not something that should be ventured unless and until one comes to have a complete and total understanding of one's self. The road out is the road out.

This reminds me of a good analogy that Mike McClaughry told me.

He said it's like a bucket-full of crabs all climbing over each other trying to find a way out and when one crab finally gets ahold of the top and starts to climb out, another grabs him and pulls him down.

There are a lot of crabs in the bucket and this is why it is so very important to follow the route as it is laid out and not someone's idea of something interesting to do.

Don't be as in a bucket-full of like-minded invertebrates wandering out in the jungle of life looking and searching for some way, any way, out, desperate beyond measure and missing the obvious.

Rest in Peace, Ken. Sometimes, starting over again can be the best option.


This first appeared on the now defunct Pilot's Home Page.

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