Clear Seeing

Clarity of vision enables us to see perfectly and crisply. Sometimes this becomes demonstrated only in some particular aspect or narrow band of focus, and at other times knows no limitations. Perhaps one slice of a pie is delicious, but there is nothing like getting one's fill.

When we are able to see into the dark our confidence increases in direct contrast to the amount of fear we harbor. Need we see into the dark if we have no fear?

Thoughts, ideas and concepts shape and form our very lives. They create the characteristics that define us and through those characteristics we seek to find peace in the world. Can we ever find peace when we are ruled by this triad of escapism?

Seeing clearly does not mean seeing our environment through the filter of ourselves. When we do that we are only fooling ourselves into seeing what we want to see, not seeing what IS. Is it any wonder then that we see others as not of ourselves?

Breaking through our ingrained thoughts and ideas becomes a monumental task since we make it so. We don't create reality, we only create the illusion of reality and call it real. As you can see, breaking through our characteristics in order to come face to face with ourselves is only for the courageous. Most of us simply do not want to let go our reality.

Seeing clearly means taking off one's rose colored glasses.

Why do we maintain such a keen interest in what the mind brings to us when reality cannot and never will be known through that filter of life and living. When we erase all the unwanted images we are then left with only the pleasant. None-the-less, we remain fixated and fashionable with our glasses of illusion.

Getting over ourselves so as to know ourselves becomes an interesting proposition.

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