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The End-All Of Be-All

My resignation has been tendered effective immediately, all associations have been dissolved and all agreements henceforth concluded. There can no longer be claimed any sort of relationship with any type of association, etc. The Galactic Patrol,… 19 Sep 2008

Why Is This Website Here?

[Ed: Regarding fza.org] A ‘why’ is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact all decisions come down to that - a why. Why did the church abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did Ron’s Org abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did the… 04 Sep 2008

Questions & Answers

Q: I’m confused. Your site makes mention of Scientology quite a bit and yet you also have various things about other philosophies. So what is the web site really all about? Are you or are you not a Scientologist? Great questions. There is… 19 Aug 2008

Status Report: 14 Jul 2008

No status reports have been filed for some time but recent events have required the report of the following. Loses can take many forms. Through time, place, form and event experience unfolds and makes it’s self known. The recent loss of a ship… 14 Jul 2008

Motion In Commotion : Info

Man’s foray into the great unknown is simply a lack of knowledge. The battle we fight is not for the so-called rights and privileges of being, but of our own conquest. When we overcome our selves we do not become anything in the process, we… 28 Jan 2008

Not For The Greater Good

The Grand Council is not a council for the greater good - no sane council could claim such a thing. The ‘greater good’ is but another ideological approach to further one’s own ends and this, as any sane individual would know, is but a selfish… 18 Jan 2008

Questionable Times, Questionable Motives

It’s true. The air has come alive with change and this change continues the tradition of the metaphor: there’s a locomotive headed your way. Undue outside interference, begun in earnest quite some time ago, is finally abating as promised. Many… 27 Nov 2007

Questions & Answers: The Untold Story

Speaking to no one in particular, here are a few Questions and Answers: … 12 Jul 2006

Lights In The Night Skies Part II

Light travels everywhere. From sun blinding heights to the darkest depths, light comes to be seen - and appreciated. Looking up into the heavens one can sometimes catch a glimpse, or two, of events born of time and space interacting with the… 05 Dec 2005

Welcome To Free Zone America

There are two very important Codes to keep in mind:… 14 Nov 2005

Before It's Too Late

Perhaps it already is. If you value your Spiritual Freedom, even the idea of spiritual freedom, now might be the proper time to follow through on your Quest…. 20 May 2005

Secrets Kill Freedom

Secrets kill Freedom. This is so because any withhold, by it’s nature, requires that Freedom be placed just a little bit further ‘out there’. Freedom cannot be risked when a withhold is latched onto. This results in the following: *The church of… 13 May 2005

Who's In Charge Of This Planet?

Is there a ‘someone’ in charge? An elitist group perhaps? How about an alien agenda? Maybe no one is in charge, just our own narcissistic urges. There is a TON of information available that points in all directions, including in and upon itself…. 08 Apr 2005

Space Flakes

Sometimes I write about the Galactic Patrol, Loyal Officers and other such space-opera subjects. They really don’t come to mean very much as diving into these subjects is just another way of keeping the mind busy and occupied. Experience is a… 13 Apr 2004

External Spiritual Interference

According to the Free Zone Decree, this area of space is free of external interference: “4. All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.”… 25 Feb 2004


Let’s face it, the ‘FreeZone’ is just full of individuals who ENJOY going at each other constantly and consistently. The ‘FreeZone’ is a poor substitute for the Church of Scientology and the Church of Scientology itself is a poor substitute for… 10 Jan 2003

Normalizing Fluctuation

Trends tend to drift over time. They never stay the same as originally intended due to various factors including alter-intention and greed. Morphing itself, the trend can sometimes even turn out to be completely disrelated to it’s origin, or… 21 Nov 2002

Nothing To Say

Well, I’ve run out of things to say. On 21 Oct 2002 Mike McClaughry posted “Sabotaging Case Gain - Misapplication of O/M Tech” which pretty much set the stage for how things will be going not just for the ‘FreeZone’, but for the actual Free… 25 Oct 2002

The Heat Of Battle

(As noted earlier, this is part of the ‘outstanding issues’ which I promised to address) As most ‘FreeZoners’ know, there has been a bit of an upset having to do with myself and the mistaken impression that the ‘FreeZone’ has authority over… 09 Oct 2002

The Ivory Tower

You may have heard the term before. It’s a place where someone sequesters themselves, (at their hands or another) so that they are unencumbered by outside influences and concerns. Why is it that someone would want to separate themselves from… 30 Sep 2002

Fragmented Structural Base

The Free Zone owes it’s existence to the religion of Scientology. It bases it’s purpose and drive on the idea of realizing our spiritual potential. What the FreeZone lacks is a definable cohesion. Even though the Free Zone is the bastard child… 08 May 2001

The Beauty of the Sea

Welcome to FZA and the Free Zone. This page may give you a little insight into what the Free Zone is about. This may also be of particular interest to those who have recently left the ‘church’ and are not quite sure whatto do next…. 14 Nov 1998

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