Not For The Greater Good

The Grand Council is not a council for the greater good - no sane council could claim such a thing. The 'greater good' is but another ideological approach to further one's own ends and this, as any sane individual would know, is but a selfish motive to embark upon a 'just cause'. There are no 'just causes' other than what resides upon and within one's own mind. The Grand Council harbors no such day-dreams.

In ruling we become ruled and this lesson of renown is not lost upon the people's choice of safe harbor. Governing is to be governed by an even higher rule, a higher ethic. And that is what the Council's foundational anchor lies upon: ethics.

In governing, ethics can be viewed as being variable according to the people's choice, according to what is and is not commonly accepted as being true and correct. But this erroneous view only leads to ultimate death and destruction. Ethics is a common principal upon which right action is based. This is not about what one might think as being true and correct but about what is true and correct and the only way one can fully understand and appreciate it's plan and purpose is to know what 'right action' is and of how the highest ethic is that which encompasses ALL the dynamics of life and living. A 'right action' across one or a few dynamics does not make an action ethical it only makes it more likely to succeed and that is the key word - succeed.

All ethical actions succeed.

Doubt, dismay and probable cause have no arena in which to circumvent true and correct action. When action comes from 'on high' or the totality of the dynamics, nothing gets in it's way because nothing can. To move to the dynamics, to find existence within the dynamics is the only true and correct way of living life. In harmony we find peace and in dis-harmony we find Man.

Man's nature is to be disturbed in an ebb and flow manner. There can be no peace unless and until one steps away from it's sphere of influence. The Free Zone was created in this manner for this purpose. Man must choose it's own demise whether through physical destruction, mind manipulation or expanded awareness.

Action taken in the Free Zone flows along two pathways. One is the route of condition and testament and the other is through full and complete dynamic alignment. In this opposition the spiritual nature of Man comes to be both revealed and reveled. Harmonic distortion is it's own encumbrance and therefore seeks it's own demise. Alignment is a natural occurrence.

In so justifying it's actionable consequence, the Grand Council governed and governs by neither greater good nor personal choice. Ethical conduct is neither a right nor a privilege but an honor to encompass, embrace and uphold.

One's own ethical nature is not something which is separate and apart from one's self. You are ethics in action. Your actions define you and sustain you. It is not a matter of right and wrong but of living in a totality that one is completely aware of.

Dancing to the tune of the Universe our ethical nature remains unchanged because it is the Universe. Running from destiny is about all that we can foolishly do to escape who or what we really are.

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