No Change Equals No Case Gain

"Case gain" is a term used to describe the effects of realizations about one's self and the resulting freedom or the freeing up of attention units from those places where it has become fixated upon the experiential track. When these attention units become unglued they return home with a vengeance and explode with understanding. Our state of existence comes to feel enlightened. This state of existence or 'case' expands or 'gains' as a result of the returning attention units. We become bigger, more power-full, more aware. But this is not the purpose of auditing. We do not seek out the creation nor establishment of power, awareness and any sense of emotional content. All of these traits of humanity merely establish the point of origin in this universe, a point where the being enters and begins the Game of Life and Living.

In gaining, case-wise, the methodology employed begins at step one. This means that the harmonic gradation starts somewhere and typically, ends somewhere else. Please note the term 'harmonic'.

Through time or existence, the being accumulates an enormous amount of experience, of emotional content. This all must be dealt with by the being before they may exit out of this universe. No one leaves alive. You can pack your bags for the trip but you simply will be unable to leave the station. The accumulation of the being's life and lives experience must be vanquished through applicable methods and/or procedures beginning at the level of awareness which the being is at. From this starting point the road out is the road out.

Revealing the nature of being requires that most, if not all, attention units return home. In this manner it can be seen that the answer does indeed, lie within. This is not a matter of introversion nor introspection. It's a matter of resolving the 'reach' of the 'reach and withdraw' cycle of action. Auditing is a 'withdraw' action and sometimes the being mistakes the results of this action as one of further enabling the 'reach' side of the equation. This in itself is not a negative action when applied to the process of using the freed attention units to free even more, but is a negative action when they are used to gaze further into the experience of life and living.

The exit point of this universe is right where you are at. There is no other at any location anywhere. Playing the game of "seek and find" is just another game in the play of Life and Living. Remember, there are those who enable and those who disable. Those who enable want you to be done, to be free of this universe and those who disable make it very clear that they wish for you to keep them company while they still play.

Freedom is being free. Not of being free of some-thing or another, but of being free from compulsively leaving a part of you every where you look. Leave no footprints, take no souvenirs. When you are able to go no where and do nothing the keys to the Universe are yours for the taking.

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