Heartbreak Hotel

Checking in, we seek adventures one after the other all in the hopes that our yearning will bear fruit this time. This time around we shall overcome. In belief we remain rooted and though we become shaken and not stirred we remain steadfast. Breaking through is not always an easy thing to do - especially when our fight is with no one but our selves. Looking in the mirror our enemy dares us to action. Obligingly, we undertake another conflict, another far-flung adventure for an adventurous spirit. Nervous with anticipation we just can't wait to do our deeds and such are the deeds of noble men!

Breaking stride, the drum does indeed change it's beat. Listening, we hear the call of the wild and respond without rhyme nor reason. Dancing to the tune of the universe, we become completely consumed.

Checking out is so much better then checking in.

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