Tag: consumed

Heartbreak Hotel

Checking in, we seek adventures one after the other all in the hopes that our yearning will bear fruit this time. This time around we shall overcome. In belief we remain rooted and though we become shaken and not stirred we remain steadfast.... 16 Jan 2008

Feeding The Beast, We Are Consumed

What is it that makes us continue, day after day, using the same methodology of seeking answers and solutions to all of our problems? What is it that prevents us from actually putting an end to our problems once and for all? Taking a step back... 22 Jul 2004

Chancing The Fire

Closely. How closely can we get to the flame without becoming consumed? It can be a very fine line that we walk and sometimes, causalities litter the alleyways. In the process of exposing ourselves to the light, inevitability sets in. It is... 10 Apr 2003

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