Chancing The Fire

Closely. How closely can we get to the flame without becoming consumed? It can be a very fine line that we walk and sometimes, causalities litter the alleyways. In the process of exposing ourselves to the light, inevitability sets in. It is always just a matter of time.

Reaching and yet holding ourselves back from Being, we tread well worn steps ever higher and higher. Those before us are kind enough to leave a trail. How else is it that we shall find our way while not looking?

Gaining ground, we totter on the edge of a knife. Will we dive in head first, or will we continue to drown in the universe of our own making? Keeping one's head afloat requires strength and agility. There is only one way out of the storm and that is to leave it behind.

All things come to an end. It's just a matter of how long you want to wait for that to happen.

Sometimes, it even happens to those around us while we remain completely mystified as to how that could have happened over there and not here. As we come to terms with our own demise, we imagine that we are elsewhere. Anywhere but here.

In this moment of captivation, there is nothing else which can save us, and yet, we just 'know' that that isn't so. When we embody our dreams, we become them. Isn't that proof enough?

Waking up isn't hard to do. It's the denial which deserves much effort and glee. Through our torment, we find peace.

Breaking out of the dichotomy of existence, the Fire comes that much closer, but in fact, there is no movement other than one's own.

From the Ocean to the Fire, there are many paths, many roads and many experiences, and still nothing will have changed.

Why not try something totally different, something completely new and unexpected?

A Chance on Life is not something which comes along easily or to just anyone. Consuming is what occurs when you step inside and 'let go' of the shell you call 'you'.

Are you there yet?

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