Gathering Storm: Free Zone Update

"Oh the plans of Mice and Men..."

Time is on our side. The funny thing about time is that it is on everyone's side, but since we don't play the waiting game, time is used to full benefit. Expanding or contracting time, our efforts somehow manage to 'fill it up'. From that vantage point, the Mice scurry to and fro.

There is a remarkable presence in the air and it's unmistakable. We are gaining ground and we are also restoring a number of things that have appeared 'lost'. Nothing is ever 'lost'.

As more attention comes to be fixated on this Sector, the expected show begins to reveal itself. It is a Grand show indeed!

The plug is being pulled on the implanters and enslavers and it is being pulled hard. Results are impossible to be denied. In this Game of Chance, there is no such thing as 'chance'. As many have found out, the fruits of our efforts, whether they encompass time in a 'short' or 'extended' manner, continue to be reaped. Time is never of the essence but the essence of a Thetan's nature remains ever true.

It is in that essence that our labor rewards itself. Prosperity does, indeed, reward itself.

In heightened times of need, the vacuum comes to be filled. If you look above, you will see the endless supply in demonstration.

Teegeeack has made the choice of applying for entry, and thereby has been ordained as being fully under the auspices of the Grand Council during the application period. To that end, one way shuttles have been engaged to off-load those who need to be off-loaded from Teegeeack.

You better be on it.

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