Out Of The Maelstrom

Out of the maelstrom comes the cleansing and from that cleansing life arises once again, renewed and full of vigor. There is only one way to go.

Taking the longer road, one endures. Reaching for the stars above, requires but the shortest road possible. Walking the tight rope, falling is not an option.

Surviving in one's universe, history comes to be created, again and again. In repeated patterns of experience the road comes to be foot worn, and yet seems to never fulfill it's promise. It is not the road which bears fruit but the life upon it that does.

By our own hand we find ourselves where we are today. By our own hand experience is brought forth to us to assimilate and in the acquisition of knowledge our sights are set ever higher. Is that the road to truth? Is truth to be experienced, again and again for it to become 'real' to us.

There is but one way to acquire everlasting knowledge and that is by taking it by it's very roots and satiate ourselves with it's life-giving nourishment.

Some things just can't be done half-way.

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