Falling Out, With Grace

Running with the pack, it moves as if one, and in fact, it is of one mind set. There is a wives tale of safety in numbers, but that was only created to provide a sense of well-being where there is none. There is no safety in numbers. It is one of the reasons why Alan Walter will never find what he is looking for in his cluster making endeavor.

It is also one of the reasons why Ralph Hilton likes to position himself as being the top dog in the 'FreeZone'.

Safety in numbers is a fallacy.

But besides all that, it is a very interesting sight to watch when an individual in the pack develops insight and 'falls out, with grace'. It even happens in Walter's Cluster Making Classroom.

Some individuals are quite creative in their 'bowing out', not wanting to disturb the rest of the pack, but this is, in reality, unnecessary.

When it is time to go, it is time to go and I say, go out with all the glory which you can muster. There are no rules specifying that one must scamper away, hiding one's purpose from all else. In a pack mentality, there is no guarantee of safety as the pack contains, as part of it's nature, the ability to turn upon it's individual members for the 'good' of 'all'.

Not so.

Survival in this universe does not depend upon a pack mentality, cluster making 'power' bombs, or bubbly cheer to get one through the night. Survival in this universe requires but one element of understanding - truth.

In truth, you will find the way cleared and the path prepared. In truth, you will find that the only way to be, is to be yourself. Wholly and completely.

Until the brave can stand and be counted, nothing else exists but the pack of like-minded souls bound in uniform society, going where ever it is that everyone else goes, doing what ever it is that everyone else is doing.

Falling out, with grace, is such a lovely sight to see.

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