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The Fallacy Of Chaining Technology

Following chains of related targeted items in order to release the top level symptoms of disagreement is not always in the best interest of the process itself. The purpose and plan of being the bloodhound as one follows the scent is a bit rigid… 01 Nov 2006

Life, Before And After

I haven’t visited the wacky newsgroup alt.clearing.technology in a long, long time. I wouldn’t recommend the newsgroup _to anybody, but I was interested in reading the posts, if any, made by the few people that I know to be actual Scientologists. 15 Apr 2005

Scaring The Clearing Right Out Of You

One of the ways of getting the unwary to part with their currency is to scare ‘em to death. “You will never be free unless you get auditing. We can help you.”11 Apr 2005

Freedom From Being 'Cleared'

The ‘FreeZone’, like many individuals who have ‘freedom’ on this planet, survive and gather their so-called strength from controversy. Without it, they are doomed to die a quick death. Without something to keep their attention and emotions on,… 20 Jan 2004

A "Scientologist's" Dream

There are many who have processed themselves through the Church of Scientology as well as the so-called ‘FreeZone’ and come out labeling themselves as “Scientologists”. According to popular ‘think’, a Scientologist is one who betters themselves… 18 Nov 2003

But It's Just A *Little* Lie...

Falsehoods, once introduced, have a way of becoming self-generating and self-perpetuating. As a matter of fact, it’s a requirement for the job of altering isness. The ‘FreeZone’ does this quite a bit by encouraging anonymity as well as… 01 May 2003

Falling Out, With Grace

Running with the pack, it moves as if one, and in fact, it is of one mind set. There is a wives tale of safety in numbers, but that was only created to provide a sense of well-being where there is none. There is no safety in numbers. It is one… 28 Apr 2003

Auditing In The 'FreeZone'

Auditing in the ‘FreeZone’ as defined by Ralph Hilton, Tommy Thompson and several others, is a hit and miss affair. Would you trust your spiritual beingness to those who use false images and appearances in order to ‘sell’ you Scientology?… 08 Oct 2002

The Goal Is Not The Method

Visualizations assist us in the effort of reversing the Master-Slave relationship we seem to find ourselves suddenly within. It is almost as if we wake up one day and discover that the thoughts which emanate from our mind rule us and determine… 26 Sep 2001

Uniquely You

We carry our characteristics when ever and where ever we go. How else will our friends be able to recognize us? There is a core of our being that remains the same through thick and thin. No matter what ‘experience’ we have subjected ourselves… 13 Aug 2001

May I Watch?

Pools of light, pools of laughter, in all pools there exist the exact same quality of determination. Gazing, we weep with joy at the sight we behold. Enraptured and cloaked within our desires, we never blink. Time passes us by as the number of… 02 Aug 2001

Loving The World

The race is on to become free from the clutches of humanity with the ultimate prize going to those who are able to duplicate the efforts of those who have gone before. This ultimate prize of being one with the Self is nebulous and contradictory,… 21 Mar 2001

Making The World In Our Own Image

News and views related to clearing technology can be found in a variety of sources, but it seems that the best source of all are the back alleys of the Internet. Of course, these ‘back alleys’ are not restricted to the Internet alone, but… 11 Feb 2001

The Planet Muldoon

Remember when? Of course, there is always a ‘when’, but in this particular discussion, the ‘when’ entails a time of ‘freedom’. That ‘freedom’ is no different than the ‘freedom’ we are all so diligently and fervently working on, not just for… 27 Dec 2000

The Power of Self-Importance

Interesting it is that processing techniques and methods bring about an increase in the power of individuality and it’s expression thereof. Interesting also is the fact that this power seems to go right to the head and create further unnecessary… 22 Sep 2000

Organizational Chaos

Organizational chaos comes from the instability of its’ creators. Much in the same way as any creation; the creation reflects the creator’s intent and purposes. In light of this, where has the Scientology organization gone wrong, or has it? Mr…. 05 Sep 2000

Controllers? I Think Not!

Earth has been called the ‘Prison Planet’. It’s also been called ‘Paradise’. As a matter of fact, it’s been called just about every name in the book, but so has every other planet in the universe. Being here is nothing special and it is no… 25 Jul 2000

Mind Knowledge

According to a particular, in some circles popular, belief there are four factors which define activity: time, place, form and event. Precisely locating each aspect of the factors is supposed to relieve certain ‘upsetting’ events and the… 20 Jul 2000

Battle Scarred

I don’t think that even the creator of UCP knows the actual origins of the UCP technique of processing. (Of course, I could be wrong, but this seems to be a good starting point). Scientology, as you may have surmised, is not a new concept. Part… 20 Jul 2000

Beyond The Arcturian Facade

Here is another update of my research on dimensional fabrication of space and mind-set functionality dealing with the Arcturian Affair. As you already know, creating individual mind-traps is a game that is based on time measurements beyond… 10 Jul 2000

The Spiritual Dark Ages Of Man

Religion perpetually seeks to rid mankind of it’s physical form and restore the sense of spirituality within us. Progress in this can be gauged in centuries for the nature of man is one of mindfulness. This mindfulness was further defined and… 06 Jan 2000

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