Auditing In The 'FreeZone'

Auditing in the 'FreeZone' as defined by Ralph Hilton, Tommy Thompson and several others, is a hit and miss affair. Would you trust your spiritual beingness to those who use false images and appearances in order to 'sell' you Scientology? Whether it's called 'FreeZone standard technology', Knowledegism or any other creative terminology, you can be sure that you will not be getting what you are really paying for - Scientology clearing.

You will get the experience of 'clearing', of that there is no doubt, but the purpose of an Illusionist is to create appearances and false images. That is exactly what is occurring in the 'FreeZone'. There is an illusion being perpetrated that in the 'FreeZone' actual clearing is being done. If that were the case, why is it that those who claim 'FreeZone' 'authority' act the way they do? How is it possible to deliver safe, sane, Scientology processing through the overt antagonism that these people exhibit so freely? The answer is simple - you won't find it in the 'FreeZone'.

Those who have a true understanding of the subject of Scientology will find no need to enhance their own 'power' through money schemes and 'clear the planet with gung-ho attitudes'. Correct Scientology processing is designed to remove obstacles such as these in order that the true being which lies within will unfold. You are not the attitude or attitudes of those around you. Allowing others to convince you otherwise is like having Bozo the Clown for an auditor.

Bozo the Clown

In the 'FreeZone' you will come to find that the auditor and pc are not greater than the bank, and so the spiritual rewards you seek will be hollow and transparent like so many of the other illusions portrayed by those within the 'FreeZone'. The 'FreeZone' is a bastardization of the Free Zone concept. That should be all the clue you need.

The phrase "Buyer beware" reveals more than just vigilance when it comes to the 'FreeZone'.

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