Fleecing The Flea Bound

"Fleas" are sometimes used as a reference to "BTs", disembodied entities which are "attached", in some way, to oneself. When these disembodied entities are brought under one's control, they are called "spiritual teammates". When they are completely out of one's control, they are sometimes referred to as being evil-intentioned.

Some individuals have quite a problem with BTs, even after passing through auditing processes designed to address the issue. Of course, continued problems with BTs merely reflect the denial of the proper end result of those processes. There are even those who become so enraged over their inability to address BTs that they come up with all sorts of schemes to 'control' them. In either case, proper Scientology auditing has not been achieved.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one individual to screw up the end result of addressing BTs for all hell to break loose. It breaks loose by that individual seeking recompense in the public arena. When one denies oneself spiritual gain, the same must be unleashed upon others.

Disembodied entities are actually of little concern. Well, they can be as large of a concern as you make them, even in the face of proper auditing, but that is another point best left to a knowledgeable C/S. As at any point in one's spiritual progression, the matter at hand can be either properly dealt with, or it can be royally messed up. BTs, when properly addressed, are very easy to handle. Of course, this idea is predicated upon the fact that all previous areas have also been properly addressed and handled.

And that is how you can tell where the individual is at in regards to BTs. If the area is not handled in the same way as water rolling off a duck's back, then other, more serious issues are in restimulation. Bypassed charge can be a killer.

Charge, or emotional mass seeks it's release. No matter what you do, the charge that needs to be handled will show itself. That is why you address the being. When you do not, BTs and the like will continue to plague the individual and that individual will seek out recompense from anyone and everyone else. Dramatizing various effects, the cause will be found. At least that is the hope.

When next you see an "OT" whose attention is fixated on BTs, spiritual teammates and the like, you will know that the solution they are looking for has been bypassed. Who wouldn't be similarly upset?

Proper Scientology auditing requires not just a steady hand, but a knowledgeable one as well. Buying into anything else, is just using yourself for fodder. Make no mistake, a bypassed case will use anything and everything at their disposal to seek release. Don't be the next target. Be smarter than that.

If you don't have the proper knowledge to address and handle these types of individuals, the best course of action to take is to leave them alone. This is why it is encouraged to remain silent when another becomes physically hurt. This avoidance of creating additional emotional content is not just relegated to the physical.

Spiritual progression and growth is a simple, easy task. Shouldn't that tell you something about your own real nature? When an individual stops along the way to admire some aspect of their journey, they have every right to do so. But they do not have the right to convince you to do the same.

You have the right of freedom. Make use of it.


As a side note: According to Captain "Bill" Robertson:

  1. Right to own sanity. (Self-determinism).
  2. Right to leave a game. (Power of choice).
    - "RIGHTS of a THETAN": (The Phoenix, Super Scientology For OT's, The Ten Steps):

You have the right to your own sanity or your self-determinism; and you have the right to leave the game or you have your power of choice
- "Rights of a Thetan" : (Tech Briefing Nr. 9, "The Phoenix"):

Isn't it refreshing to know that you have a right to your own self-determinism and that you also have the right to your own power of choice?

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