Gaining Abilities

Abilities are such wonderfull 'talents' to have aren't they? Knowing who is calling on the phone before picking it up can be quite useful. Missing the plane and moments later realizing that it could have been you on that fateful journey. Or how about projecting enough intention into another's space to 'make' them do things? Or even 'forcing' others to become 'fearfull' in order to receive greater 'awe' and 'praise'.

These are the sorts of 'abilities' that are encouraged and worshipped by some of those who 'practice' auditing in the 'FeeZone' (yes, I purposefully spelled it that way). Unfortunately, these 'abilities' are nothing but an Illusionist's dream. They are no different than reaching some sort of 'state' of being where it's exalted position is revered.

'Abilities' are not something to be gained, for when something is 'gained' it will surely be once again 'lost'. This is the key to understanding where it is that the Scientology religion (in it's pure form) will take you. It doesn't take you to the 'promised land'. It doesn't take you to glorified states of being and it surely doesn't take you to 'freedom'. These types of 'things' having nothing to do with unleashing the Free Being that you are. The answer is not 'out there'.

Being Free of something means exactly what it says. Being Free. It's not 'being' the things which come out of the mind. It's not 'being' something which another has offered as sweet fruit in the hopes that you will 'bite'. Being Free is not being attached to those things which the mind demands. You are not the imagination in any of it's multitudinous demonstrations.

Focusing on 'abilities' as the basis of practicing one's religion demonstrates a hollow faith in that religion. Religion is not a tool to increase one's own sphere of influence via physical, non-physical, or any other means. The goal of any religion is to fully allow the spiritual being which lies underneath all of the pitfalls of illusionary appearances which demand existence by those who are completely immersed within them, to be set free. Setting yourself free from your own bondage requires that you do not replace the rusty steel chain with a new gilded chain of immense beauty in the hopes that IT will help to set you free.

'Abilities' are the show pieces of those who are showy. When you become yourself, you will never need the crutch of any sort of imagined 'ability' to 'regain' the appearance of what you have come to call 'you'. And if you are looking to 'have fun' with spiritual knowledge - good luck. You will come to find that neither will exist for you.

If you shake off your desire for the attainment of 'goods', I guarantee that you will 'gain' something far greater than any magician's bag of tricks could ever produce - or has ever produced. Freedom is not an Illusionist's dream. It's right here, right now.

It doesn't take a parlor trick to see that.

It does take a parlor trick to NOT see that.

When will you stop enjoying the experience of 'freedom' and begin to realize that the one who is watching the show is bound by that fact alone. There is no "being this" or "being that". There is only "being".

THAT awaits you on the other side of the chasm of cause and effect.

Isn't it funny that you have to "be" someone to get there?

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