Diving Deep

Diving deep into the unknown, the urge to survive becomes unbearable. It is at that very moment when we finally realize just how far it is that we have gone. Going, we eventually meet our maker.

Striving for some treasured moment, we tend to eke out an existence where that moment becomes ensured. Over and over again, the striving becomes the living we entrust ourselves with, only to be continually denied our meager and just rewards. Treasuring our dreams, we invoke action. Conjuring the way, we tread heavily. Sooner or later the spell wears off and we are left with the emptiness with which we first began. "No, that is not the way." we repeat to ourselves as we set to voice the echoes we hear.

The way out is not the way of treasured moments imbibed with hopes and dreams. The way out is through ourselves, plain and simple.

Building a house of glass, we enclose ourselves for ever more, always yearning to break free. Is it so easily forgotten that we are the ones who have entrapped ourselves to begin with? Breaking free is not overcoming the objects that we have placed before us. Breaking free is simply moving past ourselves to be ourselves.

You are not the things you think you are.

When our dearly held treasures are released, it is at that moment when freedom comes to be found. You cannot grasp freedom and you cannot 'earn' it. Freedom of spirit is what is left over after all the lunacy of desire is released.

Releasing ourselves from ourselves is not the responsibility of anyone or anything other than you, yourself. You will find no answers 'out there' and you will find no freedom 'out there'. 'Out there' is where you have been spending the last 84 trillion years. Isn't it about time that you have come back home?

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