Tag: breaking free

Easing The Pain of Unemployment

When we are bereft we seek. It is in this seeking that gain-full endeavors are brought to bear which of course will always result in pain and suffering. What is it that suffers? It is our own conceptual basis for being. In our creation we not... 05 Jan 2007

We Do Have A Choice

In this world of imploded imagery, ideas rule the roost. Thinking makes it so. Lost in a world of imaginings and desire the selfish leave no stone unturned in their quest of having it all. Endlessly searching, debating and opinionating, all... 26 May 2005

Diving Deep

Diving deep into the unknown, the urge to survive becomes unbearable. It is at that very moment when we finally realize just how far it is that we have gone. Going, we eventually meet our maker. Striving for some treasured moment, we tend to eke... 22 Oct 2002

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