We Do Have A Choice

In this world of imploded imagery, ideas rule the roost. Thinking makes it so.

Lost in a world of imaginings and desire the selfish leave no stone unturned in their quest of having it all. Endlessly searching, debating and opinionating, all comes to naught as freedom ever remains a hollow and shallow victory. There is no thing outside our selves which will free our selves from our selves. Facing the unfathomable, we tend to quiver in fright and slowly back away from Reality. Our reality must not be interfered with and must survival at all costs.

But why is this self created reality of such importance? Do we hang all of our hopes and dreams upon it and so bestow life to it? Do we really believe that in destroying our made-up reality we ourselves, will perish? As we of such limited duration that our 'deaths' cannot and must not be accepted nor even acknowledged? Turning a blind eye, we see nothing.

How is one to break out of the reality of unreality which we have created for our selves? Surely since we have created our universe, we can uncreate it as well. But of course in order for this to be successfull we must fully recognize that the reality we present to our seeing eye is nothing but an illusion of our own making. Isn't it a strange concept that we create the reality we see? If so, then all, both false and true, are nothing but both sides of the same coin. Must we sort this all out in order for peace to become our nature?

Peace already is our nature and as we are persistently fixated upon our thoughts of reality, we lose both sight and touch of it. In order for falseness to persist, we must cover the truth in whatever way and method that works for us. We must bury the truth and pretend that it doesn't exist and that we had no participation in it's deception or distortion of reality. As you can see, we go to great lengths to hide from our selves.

But what does all this actually mean? How are we to be at home with our selves when we have absolutely no idea what we are, or what our nature really is? Using our created reality we endeavor to uncover the Reality of our selves. How foolish is this? One can never escape the clutches of one's created reality from within that creation. One must step out of it and everything else.

When we cannot differentiate between our selves and all else, we become all we see and in fact, are. Fooling ourselves, we wish for the game to just continue, and so it does.

Breaking out of our own reality requires that it be left behind, not used in some manner so as to propagate a hope of escape, but to just leave it all behind, period. Great courage is always demonstrated when one is willing to face one's self. Appropriate action or inaction always follows and becomes manifest through no effort of one's own. Breaking free of our viewpoints, we find that we are and always have been, free.

All you have to do to bring it about is to do nothing at all. Do nothing to further lies and deception. Do nothing when it comes to immersing your self in experience. Think of no conceptualized thoughts, concepts or idea in which to lose your self. Act on no desires and urges. Bring to fruition no plans or goals. Have no wants, in fact, have no 'haves'.

Breaking free of all the chains with which we have bound ourselves is actually quite easy. The hard part is finding that out. The hard part is letting go of all of our possessions, forever. Letting go of our own personal reality allows Reality to make itself known. It's always there just waiting for you, with open arms and a patience unlike anything ever experienced, it awaits you arrival.

Is it any wonder that it becomes a life changing experience? But this, in fact is not true for at that moment there is no life in which experience can be recorded. It can only be vaguely interpreted by the senses and since these senses are severely limited, Reality remains completely out of the realm of experience and utterly indefinable and indescribable.

For everything else, there is the life experience whether played out here on this planet or in some self created universe, big or small. Is it your time yet to let it all go or perhaps you are still waiting for just right moment. Maybe you are still enjoying playing the game of life to not be bothered with anything else. Whatever the justification for one's willingness to carry chains of bondage it all comes down to the same thing. It comes down to foolishly saying that one has choice and a god-given freedom to do as one pleases.

Indeed, we do have a choice.

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