Parlor Tricks

"Come in to my Parlor." said the Spider to the Fly.

Tricks and trickery are nothing but our efforts of deception in order to create an alternate reality which is fully accepted and embraced by another. If someone else believes, perhaps, just perhaps, we too will fully believe. But this play of fantasy accomplishes nothing as we ply our wares over and over ad nauseum. Before we can envision change we must destroy our proclivity to imagine. Diving into the mind of despair, why is it that all come up unhappy. Therefore, is it not best to envision at all? Killing the Beast, would it not be better to be so unburdened?

We carry our selves when ever and where ever we go. Like precious cargo, we gingerly and tenderly brood over it's condition and when any perception of harms comes our way we act swiftly and decisively. We seek to fully destroy each and every intruder upon our home turf. Our reality must not be questioned and so as we all go about our individual business, we stealthily make our way among the mine fields. But every once in a while, we lose something and in that loss we take vengeance. As our devastation quickly compounds, we find that our happiness suddenly takes a nose dive into the depths of a hell we would rather wish upon our enemies.

How is it that we find ourselves immersed within it? Has the universe gone mad or is everyone just "playing along"? Is it possible that we are all just playing out our own individual fantasies and by chance they all just happen to mesh together into a cohesive whole or is something else at work here?

When we contemplate our future we create possible realities. Who would be so out of touch as to ignore the Reality of today and to harbor complicit thoughts of a time which is never apparent. Time remains in the domain of thoughts, why would one actively seek it to embrace and solidify? Perhaps insanity is nothing by a compulsion to ignore our true nature and to embrace the unreality of thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Playing tricks upon our selves, the world begins to fool us quite deeply and when we begin to have difficulty keeping our heads above water, we wonder and scratch our heads in perplexity at what just occurred. We haven't a clue and so begin our search, thinking that we have missed something and must go and retrieve it. How does one catch ahold on one's self by using unreality?

"Come in to my Parlor." said the Spider to the Fly.

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