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Here, There And Everwhere

It's neither here nor there. It's everywhere. This isn't about how we are all 'connected', how lines of control embrace all the good little boys and girls of the universe so as to make us all one. We are not one because there is no 'we'.... 27 Aug 2020

I'm Trying But I Just Can't Do It

The world beckons with outrageous tentacles writhing this way and that as a heat-seeking missile looking to meet up with it's target. Once joined as one, another victim can be added to the ever-growing list. Record keeping has got to be a bear. 31 Oct 2017

Parlor Tricks

"Come in to my Parlor." said the Spider to the Fly. Tricks and trickery are nothing but our efforts of deception in order to create an alternate reality which is fully accepted and embraced by another. If someone else believes, perhaps, just... 01 Jun 2005

Through Our Own Eyes

In this day and age of insecurity and fear is it any wonder that what is reflected in our environment merely demonstrates our own failings? This is true especially in the so-called Scientology world. Small though it be, the maxim still holds... 27 May 2004

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