I'm Trying But I Just Can't Do It

The world beckons with outrageous tentacles writhing this way and that as a heat-seeking missile looking to meet up with it's target. Once joined as one, another victim can be added to the ever-growing list. Record keeping has got to be a bear.

Enticing with mental constructs the bait is set and low and behold, as the hunter is calmly and attentively poised behind their duck blind, the trap is sprung. Like my little duck friends who fall from the sky going from life to death in but a blink of the eye, the stage is set and getting out alive is not something that crosses the now dead electrical impulses of the brain. Look at me, I'm not here1.

Remaining in duck territory, flying over the landscape reveals the majesty of the Earth's bounty and grace. In the absorption of taking it all in what comes in is not always something one would wish for - especially when the enveloping darkness completes the circle all the while plummeting to mother sea, lifeless.

It's not what happens when those tentacles find a place to attach, it's all about what you do with the situation.

I've yet to see a feathered friend cry out in anguish exclaiming "Poor me! Poor me!" And yet the planet is populated with other kinds of beings in plenitude who have no such compulsion in embracing a sense of responsibility which directly connects all life in the Universe.

I suppose that if someone likes to piss in the pond here would be as good a place as any.

So despite my lack of interest in worldly affairs it doesn't mean that I don't know what's going on, rather I have no interest in the propensity of playing such childish games2.

Life is such a wonderful gift isn't it a pity that some wish to take yours for their own as well.3

But 'life' isn't really a 'gift'4. Perhaps it's more of a place to carry out one's purposes and plans5 rather than face the prospect of coming to terms with who and what one really is. You know, in that place where you are. It's like someone engrossed in a video game or movie. Isn't it nice to 'get away' from it all even if for but a little while6.

Anyway, before I get too carried away with footnotes the point here is that just because the hunter7 sets out 'life-like' decoys for the prey doesn't mean that one should fall for their tricks and traps. But of course if one is paying the price for their own then by all means become absorbed in it all.

I've got enough to worry8 about than having my time taken away with frivolous mind games played by the children of the corn.9

  1. Well, it is true that I'm not here but that has nothing to do with anything here. At least not at the moment. 

  2. I use the word 'childish' here but the only other term that comes to mind is 'low level'. Neither one really fits so maybe you can find an appropraite term for yourself and use that

  3. There. I think that helps to explain it better. 

  4. Don't you just hate those quote marks. Me too but sometimes it helps to show multiple meanings all wrapped up in one place for the reader to 'unwrap'. 

  5. This includes hiding as well. 

  6. Maybe it's time for a 'vacation'. Good thing the weekend is coming up don't 'cha know. 

  7. I'm using 'hunter' here but it's not all about that perspective at all. 

  8. It's not the right word but it flows nice, don't you think. 

  9. Time is like attention, the only limitation there is, is the one you create. 

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