Edging The Winds

Walking down the street along the edge of time we tend to discover and re-cover those things which impinge upon on our 'good will'. Looking out across the vastness of emptiness called space we see and even then we refuse to believe. Oh the trials and tribulations of Man.

Hanging on to thought we scream with glee as the roller coaster of life and living takes us wherever the hell it wants. But we are in control. Always.

Even when the glass if half which way or that our view and views overtake us and as we become burdened with our own version of reality life passes us by in but the blink of an eye. Blind or not things do happen and though we allow ourselves the freedom to be oblivious to that which surrounds us our endeavors continue to come up short. In the measure of life and living we have yet to do either.

Alas, time has come.

Pointing to the far ends of the Earth and beyond all is but a House of Cards entitled to do our bidding. And so as the world turns our agitated sleep wakes us from but yet another episode of Ozzie and Harriet. If we are to survive, perhaps some contemplation should be given to our own actions and all that takes places behind the eyes of sight and recompense. Are we not Masters of the Universe?

In the center of the circle we stand and that which revolves around us is like the leaf blowing upon the winds of a change we dare not see. The effected become. Does this mean that our stand has been but an empty promise rooted in a perpetuity of our own making? The schedule does not allow deviation and yet the roaming few demand attribution. Here I am, do you not see me?1

From North to South and East to West the four corners unite in fairy land.

That is all.

  1. No, not me, you. 

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