A Walk in The Shadows

I do not stand in front, you will never see me at the fore-front. It's not because I do not wish to be the target, it's that I know my place in the universe. You see that twinkle in God's eye, yeah.... that's me.1

Humility. Being humble means that one is not full of the idea of one's self. The big error in many, many so-called philosophies is that the concept of me is all important -- and it is. But that is not the full story and is one best left for you to discover or perhaps, uncover. Believe me, it's already there.

When you get over the fact of you, then there is everything else -- the idea of you is not something which ever holds your interest again. It's about all else. 'You' is a given, therefore...

You are because all else is.


Yeah, that about describes the concept of 'me'.2

  1. This cracks me up. 

  2. I really don't enjoy this 'me' talk, but... there it is. 

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