Dear Diary (2)

'Ain't from around here, are ya'

It's true. Maybe that's why I stay under the radar so much. Of course the other reason is that I'm but a scared whittle boy afraid to do anything.... anything at all.

It's funny that both are true but like always, there is more to the story. Kind of like a cover story.

Projecting the stupid hiding aura is, in my opinion, stupid. It's like a kid's game of hide and seek and believe you me, I ain't a kid. So the question comes down to, what the hell? Let me explain a thing or two and see where it all leads.

This planet, the one called Earth is like the old wild west where anything goes. Theft, compassion, high-noon killing sprees, religion, deception, treachery, gosh.... you name it. It all goes on and on and on. For me, this is all quite boring despite the reality that it's a dog-eat-dog world where anything and everything goes. Who the hell runs this place anyway?1

I don't have an interest in who is doing what, where, when and what the hell for. For me, it's all a given.2 I'm just a hick from the sticks with a thumb up my ass doing nothing at all.

[Commercial break]3

As I was saying before Capitalism hit mainstream, there are people in charge and if you toe the line, well you have nothing at all to worry about. Your future, and your family's future, are assured.4 Rest in peace. But is that what life is all about? Have you been bred, raised and indoctrinated to such a degree that your own abilities are so well mired in the mud that you can't think straight? Oh, excuse me. Your thinking is what brought this all about so of course it is correct and true, is it not?5

There is such a sad state of affairs when it comes to this place because it has already been there, done that. Just because you haven't noticed doesn't change a damn thing. The propaganda hasn't changed one iota either. Same 'ol, same 'ol.6 If those so-called 'running the show' actually had a bright idea (as in 'new') I think that I would collapse on the floor from the lack of breath from being completely flabbergasted in awe.7

Just like in the goood 'ol days where one could just change the channel and partake of a completely different reality, things can change. It ain't hard.8 All you have to do is look past your own little corner of the universe and encompass the vista right before your very eyes. It really is awesome. But don't take my word for it.

Unfortunately this all leads me to the place of fear. I don't like the death and destruction routine where all hell breaks loose so as to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to allow the wheat room to grow. People ain't wheat and chaff is... well much more than 'chaff'. It's not the 'bad' guys and the 'good' guys doing battle and such.9 It's about your own proclivity to remain ignorant and, dare I say it, stupid.10

Fer christ's sake, put yer big-boy pants on and act like an adult.11

For the rest of you, enjoy your stay.

  1. I love leaving things for 'contemplation'. 

  2. Given that I know a few things here and there, that is. 

  3. Go ahead and get some snacks from the cupboard, refrigerator or where ever the hell you keep your stash. 

  4. Uh-huh. Go ahead and believe that one. 

  5. Dorothy, please wake the fuck (Harsh but true.) up. 

  6. Ah, so perhaps that is the reason I'm bored. No creativity. None at all. I can do all this with my eyes closed while passing from life to death and all the 'judgment' in between. 

  7. It's never happened so I'm not holding my breath here. 

  8. I really doubt that this would happen here because the mindset has been pretty well ingrained. 'Fall-in soldier!' As a side note: I've been wrong before but who am I to know right from wrong... right? 

  9. Sexism, gotta love it. 

  10. See how I've come full circle? 

  11. That says a lot right there. 

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