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Dear Diary (2)

‘Ain’t from around here, are ya’ It’s true. Maybe that’s why I stay under the radar so much. Of course the other reason is that I’m but a scared whittle boy afraid to do anything…. anything at all…. 12 Apr 2018

Ivan The Terrible

There once was a billy goat named Ivan. No, he wasn’t terrible, just Ivan. I’ve heard that goats can eat just about anything and everything. Now some will tell you it’s all a myth, that goats do not eat tin cans. And then on the other side of… 17 Aug 2017

Want Some Candy?

Well here we are. So the question becomes, where is that?… 16 Feb 2017

There Is Only Me

When the moment is reached where there is nothing but one’s self what it is then that happens? What is it that drives Man to sustain and perpetuate the belief that something is better than nothing. What is it that exists beyond the edge of… 24 May 2011

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