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In Judgement We Come, In Judgement We Go

There is no time like the present. All happens in a moment and yet we seem enraptured by it's inexplicable detail, driving towards an insanity that we would rather not forget and as we dive headlong into the abyss of knowledge there is no air.... 21 Sep 2022

Dear Diary (2)

'Ain't from around here, are ya' It's true. Maybe that's why I stay under the radar so much. Of course the other reason is that I'm but a scared whittle boy afraid to do anything.... anything at all.... 12 Apr 2018

Scaredy Kat

People these days are really buying into this terror everywhere crapola. It's not really surprising when there is already a fear-based culture in existence with which one can bend and shape perception into whatever the hell one wants. Look at... 21 Sep 2017

Turn Against Us

"We have entered the time when all will turn against us and seek our lives." Dune (1984)... 26 Sep 2016

The Force of Change II

All civilizations come and go. There is just no way around this clearly defined and explicit rule of Man and in each incarnation civilization provides for specific nodes of meaning. For each there is a reason - for both group and individual.... 06 Jan 2012

When The Blind See...

Being 'human' requires borders and boundaries within which one's existence can be limited, contained and channeled. Hearing the voices of despair we become it and drop this non-sense of individuality. Nurturing a 'good' and obedient gang of... 18 Oct 2010

In God We Trust

As of late there has been a number of interesting forays made by the so-called ruling elite. Hacking their way into the dense reaches of the jungle of life and living supper is being looked forward to being on the table very, very soon. As... 18 Oct 2010

Bounded By Fear

As an emotional state fear provides us with an enormous amount of experiential delight. It's strong scent of character entices us ever onward into the deep dark depths of obscurity. Running away from the light we fervently seek out the confines... 11 Feb 2010

In The Still Of The Night II

When we become emboldened in self righteousness our egotistical well being becomes enormously enhanced. What glory! What power! What ridiculousness! Change is upon us.... 03 Feb 2009

Conflict ala Tribalization

Regionally, the Earth has been carved, divided and continues to be plundered by the various scheming drug lords. Not the so-called 'illegal' drugs, but a drug lord of a different flavor. Perception is the grand design of illusion and as it makes... 14 Mar 2008

Things That Go *Bump* In The Night

Night time is the time of fear, of darkness and limited perception. When the sun goes down all of our hopes and dreams die along with it. We yearn for the morning and of the light of knowledge to come. One such fear is Marcabian in nature.... 22 Jan 2008

Trial By Fire, Trail By Tears

Becoming unglued, we search and reach for the safety of our netting and yet as time and experience weep forward our lust for comfort comes to know no bounds and so becomes unbounded. We are everywhere we want to be. In desperation we turn a good... 18 Jan 2008

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