In The Still Of The Night II

When we become emboldened in self righteousness our egotistical well being becomes enormously enhanced. What glory! What power! What ridiculousness!

Change is upon us.

Many times the hope-full seek to relegate change to the future - to some future time where preparation and expectation will serve us well and for the fool this tactic works well but for the sovereign individual the loss in battle becomes more than obvious. The battle for Man’s mind has been underway for quite some time. For a seeming eternity there have been those who wish to ‘rise above’, to dominate the landscape of our reality in order to become god. In the thirst of battle loss has already been claimed for how else is the urge for dominance to come into being?

One does not seek to acquire that which one has not lost.

But in the still of the night the thief comes like the ill wind of death and destruction seeking and wreaking havoc in order to prey upon the established lines of the food chain. Who is it that so decides one’s place in the universe? Who is it that bequeaths us our just place in life? Who is it that expects the rewards, convincing us to partake of our rightful place upon the chessboard of experience? Who is it?

Who is it that establishes the how and why of our being? Who is it that demands we answer up to the position assigned to us through no choice of our own? Who is it that we are the property of?

If Man has free will does that mean that Man has the power to bestow life and living, with all it accrutements, to another. Power cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. So who is it that has changed?

In the still of the night we come. In the quiet of solitude, of rest, we come bearing gifts of insight and awareness. But unlike the thief of despair we nurture the nature of Man and his right-full place upon the fabric of time and space called the Universe.

Do you not hear you creeping up on your self, noisily crashing through the brush just outside your window?

Calling the police to help your wicked ways, to reaffirm your just desire and rewards does little to kill your own nature, your own being.

In the still of the night you can hear the ego scream. Shall you save the evil of the world or are you willing to bear the burden of truth by revealing your own nakedness?

Courage is knowing the truth where fear is hiding from it. One may delight in the cowering but sheep have a way of eventually understanding that the danger in being sheep, or cattle for that matter, lies in being part of the food chain - of partaking of the just rewards of experience.

Truth needs no experience, no justification, no sense of righteousness nor conviction. Truth just is.

Fair Is Fair

When duck hunting wouldn’t it be more fair to arm the ducks?

Anything else is just slaughter.

Today, on this planet, the weak and fear-full slaughter with seeming impunity - but appearances can be illusionary.

There is always a price to pay when one disregards the thief in the night and pretends that all is well in purgatory, that we are quite happy with our place and participation in, the food chain of death and destruction.

What Man has wrought, so will he sow.

Good thing for life-rafts, aye?

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