Who Would Have It Any Other Way?

Sneaking up on ourselves we tend to pretend that we are something other than what we really are and in this pretension our foundational sense of being does not go away but becomes muted and reworked into being something completely different. As we separate our selves into the various parts of recognition we come to learn that in the loss of wholeness we become and in this narrow focus of attention we create the life we lead.

Creating a life and death experience in which to full-fill our goal of completion we eke out an existence time and time again ever yearning for complete understanding. Is one to understand the totality in which we find purpose and plan? Can one?

In creating individuality with which to pursue our many adventures we ultimately find that experience comes to take highest precedence. We are because we have created it to be so and in our selfish pride all that we see is me and oh what a beautiful sight are we! Through our own eyes we reign supreme as being the single most important thing in the Universe. Standing firm, we boldly go where no thought has gone before and as we fill up the echo chamber with our noise, we come to find meaning. Hearing ourselves think, our universe becomes populated with all that we desire.

Acting out our selfish desires we embrace the fullness of their experience. That is the whole plan is it not? To see and to believe, to come to terms with our own life-giving creations. Meeting ourselves upon the road of life and living we wonder at the wonder of it all and sometimes even think remarkable thoughts. Turning this way and that before the mirror of life we take in our glory and smile with pride. Yes, that is me!

It is all me!

When we create thoughts of judgement, of evaluations and propositions we create the life we lead and the experience thereof. In the emptiness of space we loudly proclaim our heritage and duly await it's response. As our echoes reverberate in response to our life-giving utterance our attention becomes fixated and intertwined with it's life cycle. We are the echo, the root cause and effect point. In the quiet of listening our senses come alive with the anticipation of our arrival and upon it's receipt we leap with joy in the knowledge that we live!

In finding life through vehicles of glory we find nothing but ourselves and as we stare back into the mirror we come to expect more and more experience through which to find all the echoes of ourselves. "Let me count the ways..."

Sooner or later the life cycle comes to a close. This is not about the human body's life cycle, but of our own thought 'to be'. This sense of individuality does indeed have a life cycle, a clearly defined process which can be examined and investigated. It is through this investigation that one finds their own sense of individuality to be of shallow and narrow depth and breath. It is thus so only in relation to it's creator and it is to this remarkable achievement that spirituality has any redeeming value at all. If one does not find the trail home then one is simply continuing on in their journey of self-discovery, of listening for the echo of one's own existence.

When the echoes cease there is but one left to hear the silence of non-existence. Because you are, all is. When nothing is, you fully are.

The totality of being is the idea that we can 'be' everything, that our awareness would include all. This is far from the truth in that the limitation of individuality requires the limitation of what that really means. This limitation, in following the analogy of echoes, means that we are very, very busy in experiencing the various noises of our own making. It means that we take delight in each and every sound fully embracing and wholly experiencing all of it's dimensions.

In so doing our nature at rest shows it's 'busy' potential. When one is preoccupied can one possibly envision it's absence. The whole purpose of occupation is to take up time, place, form and event - to create. In creation we do so busy ourselves with matters not of ourselves but of those things we deem to be exterior to ourselves. In this created sense of separation we come to yearn for a wholeness which has been denied to us by ourselves. How do we seek for that which we have purposefully taken away? Have we completely gone mad in that we have no idea what we have done to ourselves?

Listening for the echoes of our existence requires the denial of such. It is this denial of ourselves that creates a sense of individuality, of loneliness whereby we yearn to 'return home'. There is no returning anywhere as nothing has moved but the attention of awareness from totality to individuality.

It is true, we are nothing but one small, tiny speck in the universe compared to our true nature, of a totality all-encompassing that no bounds exist other than what we ourselves create for ourselves. In this play of imagination the physical realm takes root and is the medium through which trial and tribulation can be played out as this is the nature of individuality, of separation. If this is what holds your importance, if time, place, form and event rule your roost then welcome to the land of life and death where 'struggle' is more than just a way of life - it is everything.

But, and this a big but, if your awareness begins to leak around the edges past the illusion of a reality where the above may be played out then perhaps your slumber is drawing to a close - perhaps your time of being something separate and apart not longer holds sway. In bringing down the mountain the glory of one's nature becomes self-evident.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there are those whose time has come to move from self-absorbed to self-evident; from separation to a totality which has no existence because that is all there is. From looking in the mirror of life and living to having such be nothing but the canvas upon which the expression of one's self is demonstrated.

Where is the need to 'own' a piece of land when all the Universe is at one's beck and call? Where is the need to accumulate wealth and 'power' when such limitations become fully understood for what they really are? Where is the need for anything when we become self-fullfilled, when we shed the clothes of separation and embrace our own nature, our own being?

It's easy to 'be' anything but only the courageous, the brave and true yearn to be nothing at all, to be the overwhelming silence in the echo chamber of our dreams.

It's been said that words have little meaning other than to take up space while the space between words provides for the depth of understanding that no Man can touch.

You are that space, that overwhelming sense of unmatched joy.

Who in their right mind would have it any other way?

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