Doing The Creation Balance Two-Step

Creeping slowly upon the sleeping, the unawares, effectual time comes inevitably knocking on our door seeking recompense. Karma in it’s insistence on becoming real nourishes us with it’s delectable delights and yet we always seems to mourn it’s arrival. Swinging both ways it has it’s way with us time and time again. Living the lie, we bed with the best and brightest ensuring that our needs come to be met with the full force of it all. Gazing and enjoying our dream-like state, we slowly move through life and living engaging that which we have no control over as our past (mis)deeds rue the day. Life takes it’s toll and strangely enough we seem to carry our baggage with glee happily moving through life oblivious of not only our own true nature but of the reality which we simply cannot escape. Running on empty we run even further in the hopes and dreams of living the good life. Gazing at the stars, we weep all the while becoming engrossed in the reflection of ourselves upon the canvas of reality which we have already taken great pride in full-filling.

So where does this tempting tale of woe, of pain and suffering take us? Is there more to life and living than just the emotional turmoil we seem to be forever engaged in? Why is it that we seem to concentrate so diligently upon the scales of justice which have swung so far away from our foundational being and into the stratospheric realms of ‘cause and effect’? Why do we concentrate upon the urgent need to have the scale swing the other way towards a happiness which has a reality only in relation to our own personal suffering? Swinging to and fro the scales vibrate with empathy in complete harmony to our ‘state of mind’. We create the world in our own image and immediately turn around to relinquish responsibility so that perpetuity may result. Running, we are sure to compel the tiger to chase us. Running from ourselves certainly is good exercise but what’s the point?

This planet has crossed the threshold and is now in the process of rebalancing, the effects of which are sure to add to our own torment, our own sense of personal suffering. The road of preparation has already been proclaimed though very few takers embraced the call. Now that that road has come to an end the next door of opportunity has opened. It is this gateway which is sure to separate the wheat from the chaff, to create the clear and distinct separation between those of selfish glory versus those of joy-full glory. Singing praise of the Creator is nothing short of miraculous while the chaff remains the superfluous by-product it has always been. Drawing a line in the sand reveals much more than the sides of opposition, it reveals one’s own outlook and it is this outlook which delineates our being.

The choice has always been between following Creation to it’s fruition or to follow one’s own sense of creation to the self-created goal of the domination of all Creation. Children may play but they must also eventually rise above their own sense of self in order to realize that a Spark of Creation is not Creation itself but merely a spark.

Gazing in the mirror of life and living all manner of experiences can be conjured but what does this have to do with the Creator? What does this have to do with balance being brought to bear? Make no mistake, balance is creation and though we may have the right to self-experience it does not mean that it exists. Through the mind we come to be and find that Creation is no longer a prospect for happiness. It is not until we begin to out-grow our own sense of self-importance that realignment occurs.

Our decision ‘to be’ carries the full weight of Creation and endures until balance is once again brought to bear.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts otherwise, balance is brought to bear anyway.

So who is really in charge anyway?

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