Scribbling Our Wishes Upon The Universe

The Age of Innocence is rapidly drawing to a close. Leaving the embrace of childish pursuits behind maturity begins to work it's magic. It's a maxim that no child is left behind because as children our own temptation requires of us to be self centered to as great a degree as possible. Moving into maturity requires something very foreign of a child and as maturity begins to rub us the wrong way it slowly makes it's way into our hearts and minds. Something different happens.

Our self-centered nature requires us to be completely consumed within our own little corner of the universe where we are free to obsessively and compulsively act upon each and every whim of our desire. This desire carries us away and in our perpetual Quest of experiential delight we relish each and every opportunity to be consumed by our consumption. What else could ever be possibly grander than the experience of self?

Looking in the mirror we smile with satisfaction relishing the fact that we are able to see ourselves, to experience ourselves to such a grand and glorious degree. What wonder!

Could it have ever been imagined that our inward journey of self discovery would be so rewarding, so compelling in it's demonstration - so captivating? As we embrace our demonstration we come to think that it is all that there is of us which of course would be impossible to construe otherwise. In these flights of fancy we surpass all our expectations and come to be born anew each and every turn of the Wheel of Life. Rising from the ashes of our own short story we come to live again to create but another chapter in the Book of Life and Living. Fulfilling our roles we carry on. Basking in our own lime-light we enjoy the stage we have set for ourselves embracing the center of attention and glorifying in the reality of our own presence. Of what use is the Creator when all that we see is none other than our own glory, our own 'uniqueness' expressing it's every whim and desire?

As children there is no use for authority, no respect for anything other than one's own egocentric desires. A child by nature is a void to be engulfed with thoughts, feelings and emotions, to be filled with the relentless pursuit of a human happiness which ever remains just past the point of no return. Holding onto dear life we relish the human experience. In the quest to leave our mark upon the Universe we tread any and all paths so that all will be in awe of our greatness never missing the opportunity to explode ourselves upon all that appear before us. There are no others, only our own sense of self glory. By creating division we divide and as the treasure is divvied up among the seekers we relish the chance to increase our own holdings while diminishing that of others. After all isn't it just another poker hand where we exploit every opportunity to rise above and become the worshipped?

Perhaps thats is our ultimate goal, to become the creator in the image of the Creator but with the added 'benefit' of a beingness which defines the grandness of the image we uphold of ourselves as being ourselves. In definition we 'become' and once again close the door to our divine nature, a 'spiritual heritage' which clearly creates but one more turn of the hamster wheel. Running is good exercise but the problem with exercise is that it must constantly be repeated in order to sustain the human experience.

In sustenance our childish yearnings take on a life of their own. As vampires we feed upon the energy of others in order that we may 'live' - in order to live the life of one.

We are the ultimate gift to ourselves.

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