Clarifying The Obtuse

There are a number of articles and such on this web-site which address the subject and philosophy of the religion called Scientology. There are also a number of articles which address spirituality in a different form. In all cases, through whatever device employed, the purpose of these articles and posts is to address that which lies before the one who reads them.

The religion of Scientology as expressed here is much, much different than the one currently being espoused to the general public by a church gone bad. Yuck. What is expressed here is also so very different from that being pushed and shoved this way and that by the various off-shoots of the Scientology philosophy. I care for none of that nor for those who follow some twisted self-serving path to glory. Double yuck. It doesn't matter what religion or philosophy one chooses because they are all filled with self-serving mental cases looking for a good time. That sounds pretty harsh but in context it stating the obvious.

There are lot and lots of ways and means, of people and organizations more than willing to take one's money for a good journey down the beaten path of entertainment. This is not to say that the various paths are completely worthless because in this universe there is something for everyone - it's your choice and I certainly would not take that away from you. Take what path you choose and good luck to you!

This isn't about right or wrongness, of pushing one agenda over another. I have nothing to prove nor no one to prove it to.

The Great Maker rules this and all universes, what else could possibly matter?

I view Scientology as being quite relevant in discussing the mental mechanisms and spiritual devices of beings. Scientology tends to drive home certain points and through this intelligence concepts are used to further spiritual growth. Isn't that what worship is all about, to kowtow to the Great Maker in recognition of it's infiniteness? Spiritual progress is no progress at all unless the goal to which all desire is focused, is acknowledged. When this goal becomes one of self-reverence then obviously the tune is very much off key.

Worshipping the greatness of our own mental constructs is like looking in the mirror and saying "My, how lovely you are!". When one becomes thus self absorbed we not only lose our way, we forget that there even is a way. All religions endeavor toward a realignment of this way, of bringing us back from the edge of self glorification to one of self realization, of a spiritual freedom where self delusion is something best left for the insane to do in order to keep busy. When we come to know who or what we really are we invariable come to the point of no return, where our sight moves beyond our periphery and into that great unknown, the greatest mystery of all called the Great Maker.

In Scientology terminology this progression is defined as reaching the Eighth Dynamic, called Infinity.

Some are fooled into thinking that in this infiniteness we become all powerful never realizing that it is this 'we' association which drives us mad, which drives the mental mechanism of pain and suffering. Taking the road of intelligence requires a mind unburdened with pain and suffering, a mind released from it's owner's compulsions and computations. The road of intelligence is one of truth where "what is true for you, is true".

So when some religious aspect is proposed here it doesn't mean to jump off the cliff and become a convert, it means that in using such an example there is an invitation for you to find your own truth to investigate your own constructs in order to look beyond your own limitation and into the far reaches of something far, far grander.

We are that grandness of which I take great pleasure in providing the means of such.

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