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And The Men Made War

reference: Library of Congress... 03 Sep 2012


The internet is such a wonderful place to lose one's self in. There is a plethora of profit-driven enterprises along with the ever present empty hand extended in expectation. These pointers of existence demonstrate the large and very noticeable... 17 Apr 2012

Killer Klowns: It Came From Outer Space

Last year I suppose I must have been bored at one point in order to produce the "Killer Klowns: It Came From Outer Space" entry. It was fun for a bit and then I left it never to return. I still haven't returned to it but figured maybe someone... 03 Jan 2012

The Quick And The Dead

After an eight month hiatus I am bringing the website back online today. It seems that there are a number of points being raised by the Universe to do so - so here it is. There are not very many new items that were added in that time but I have... 13 Oct 2011

The Blurring Of The Eyes

The lines between the various sections of this website are becoming quite blurred meaning that the separation imposed is not living up to it's standards. Perhaps another website change is in order but that would depend upon a number of other... 11 Jan 2011

About This Web Site

Please note that this is an obsolete page. Contents... 09 Sep 2010

Website Happenings

It must be a life-long quest - the perfect website both in content and context. Well, it's never going to happen but it is sure fun along the way. All sorts of things and such pop up here, there and everywhere. We do influence our... 04 May 2010

A Note About Commenting

On the pages that provide for commenting you may submit your own as you wish either as a registered user (when activated) or as a guest. All comments submitted by guests are moderated so that Gathering Minds can continue to be the focused... 29 Dec 2009

Gathering Minds V3

Yes, it's true. Another version for another time and another place.... 28 Dec 2009

Here And No-Where Else

I've made it known about my disconnection with the various power positions that are going on and the reasons for that. Sometimes even the big boys require an alternate perspective, one which lies outside the boundaries of safety and the big... 17 Aug 2009

What's It All About?

There have been a few changes made to this website recently but that is nothing unusual. Things do change and about the only recourse we have is to swim with the tide - or fight against it. Swimming with the tide doesn't mean going along for... 13 Jun 2009

Clarifying The Obtuse

There are a number of articles and such on this web-site which address the subject and philosophy of the religion called Scientology. There are also a number of articles which address spirituality in a different form. In all cases, through... 23 Apr 2009

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