The Blurring Of The Eyes

The lines between the various sections of this website are becoming quite blurred meaning that the separation imposed is not living up to it's standards. Perhaps another website change is in order but that would depend upon a number of other factors which are always involved. No one lives in a vacuum despite the wish for otherwise. For the life of me I simply cannot figure out what the heck I am doing here on this website - and I mean that from day one of this website and it's precursor Free Zone America ( along with each and every variation in between.

It's interesting that with all the discussion and bantering about that occurred on the end result seems to have worked out quite well. The goal obviously met it's match. So what is the point with this website? I am asking this in relation to the previous statement.

I've been following both The McClaughry's Blog and 123jump on Scribd for some reason. Appearances are so deceiving are they not? (Said with tongue firmly planted in cheek.) Events on this planet always seem to move forward on one side of the fence or another. Cat and mouse, that sort of thing. It's not all that interesting to me or mine (another story in itself).

All the preparations in the universe will never compensate one's own wherewithal. A being does not survive, it endures. That is what the websites which are produced by me are all about. In that perspective it becomes a platform for that which lies beyond the appearance.

These body's eyes are quite myopic and yet in complete contrast, this being's perception is just a tad beyond hindsight. That is the perception. Like-wise Gathering Minds is about perception.

Time requires of us a particular way to seeing, of being but this simply is not so. There are no bounds nor limitations when it comes to being left behind. This is a very funny play on the phrase "left behind" because where others will dabble, here there is no interest. Where others may move forward to some place of reckoning, here there is no interest in such. Does this mean that comments on the website are out of the question?

Do you see the connection? The logical mind will certainly not but that which resides above and beyond such will. One cannot understand unless there is context and when that context is pulled away what then? Will one sink or swim? I would much rather swim with the fishes that find myself in Davy Jones' locker. Being left behind is not suffering the consequence - it is the diving into illusion which creates it. While rubbing salt into a wound will create a new depth of understanding there is no such need here.

But I am not alone.

There is always a day of reckoning, a day of judgement and that day is right now. Not later, right now. It is this day, this hour, this exact moment in time and space. Have you had your fill of 'this' yet? Perhaps the reason for embracing illusion is to create the apparency of the non-existence of that which it depends upon. All illusion is real and yet nothing exists. The power of our nature is endless and yet there is no nature. What use then is there to talk about a god which derives it's being from our own illusionary stage play? As the puppets walk the Earth, we do. As the spiritual nature of Man takes form, we are. From playing in the sand box of our dreams to winning at Monopoly, the shape and form of our experiential delight has no end just the same as the swirling coalescence of our being. In one hand the rabbit appears while in the other, nothing. In the totality of our making, we create.

In this totality all the pieces never fit as the whole cannot be jig-sawed into perplexity.

So when I say that there is a lack of clear direction and purpose it is in reference not to a piece of the puzzle from which to take perspective but of a wholeness where the entire Universe, through an apparent fracturing, comes together to form the vibrational sound called the utterance of Creation. This is the day of reckoning from which all that evinces takes place.

One cannot dis-cover that which exists but one can remove the veil of ignorance from one's self.

With just a hint and a gentle nudge I pray to you.

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