There Is Only Me

When the moment is reached where there is nothing but one's self what it is then that happens? What is it that drives Man to sustain and perpetuate the belief that something is better than nothing. What is it that exists beyond the edge of thought into the vast unknown and unknowable expanses of creation? Of course it is that very same creation which harbors such idle thoughts...

As the tide turns so do we and in the fullness of lunar activity we find that cycles defines our nature and being. From rising to falling there is a time and place for all. No one is left out in the cold.

In this cycle of activity which has already begun to fade the lessons of life and living can never go unnoticed - perhaps unacknowledged, but never unnoticed. There is no such thing as a stupid being.

It really is amazing when one views the universe in intelligence - by, for and about intelligence. It is all you baby!

Rising above and then washing below the waves, as the sands of time, ebb and flow and with each passing moment the future delineates it's self into expectation. We live the life we lead and since no being is stupid all that we can really do is to follow along in the guidebook of our own making to live and tell the tale. We do not eek out an existence - we live out our future days already set in stone. This is the cause for monuments to be made as guideposts to what we already know. Yes, there are no secrets when it comes to anything at all.

Do remember that this is in regard to the spiritual make-up of our own being where definition takes shape and form at all odd hours of the day and night.

Though the world never changes we do. From the basis of our own collective experience the group dynamics which thrive and revive our own sense of right and wrong perpetuates the waking dream we call life and living. There is a place for us all with none being left behind. For every leaf that falls rapture occurs. For every being made manifest creation dances in wonderment and joy. Behold the son of Man!

There is only me and none other as I am that which I am. Nothing in all the Universe stands a prayer of becoming something else.

Though we may change the channel for our viewing pleasure the guided remote remains the solid foundation from which all activity originates.

It is true, you are in the drivers seat.

Where would you like to go?

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