Bunker Buster: The Darkness Eluded

Scientology has been around a quite a while. While the current fashion statement called 'religion' is darkness in dress the philosophy, the actual philosophy has it's basis rooted in a history long lost to many a mind but this article is not a testament to that. Here the focus will be on the tools of the trade, so to speak.

Darkness can be defined as the opposite of awareness in that a veil is drawn across one's consciousness and like the rose-colored glasses of today, reality becomes shifted either to the left or the right taking on new meaning completely apart and separate from it's roots. At least that is the appearance and it certainly works for many beings.

In order for an alternate reality to perpetuate the lie of the century must be accepted as truth - or at least with a healthy dose of it. Truth lives beyond the time track but self-created realities are another thing entirely. It's one of the reasons so many things go bump in the night (night being not restricted to the far side of the Earth). Self-created realities are like the toys in the shop - every good boy and girl wants one and when they finally do get to take one home what pleasure there is to have and to hold!

Scientology is like that - a self-created reality thrown to the winds so that it's sails can be filled with the masses of stupidity willing to set sail to greater heights which will never be full-filled. It's a journey of discovery and hope - hoping to discovery just a bit more, another small piece to the puzzle of life and living. There is simply no end to discovery since it's purpose is based upon being hit in the head with a bat so as to 'forget' that which is to be 'fore-gotten'. Playing games can be so much fun until one suddenly decides to stop playing and ion that moment when all hell breaks loose the 'bat' hurts like the dickens! Through 'cause and effect' we tend to try to work things out here in the land of Life and Living. What isn't said to you is that it all comes with a rule book. All dimensions in which beings take pleasure are scripted to the hilt. But don't let that stop you from enjoying your self! And part of that enjoyment is looking the other way as Darkness approaches.

When a high ranking administrator of the business called Scientology is 'let go' you can be sure that nothing is as it seems. A person with direct knowledge of the nefarious mechanisms at work within the business is so much more than just a simple security risk - they are the torpedo which can sink the battleship. While silence is golden ensuring silence becomes tantamount. But let's back up just a little bit first.

The lie of the century is that spiritual freedom can be bought and sold just like any other 'consumer' goods on the open market. To become 'free' one must first become 'unfree' or stuck in space and time. This usually takes the form of an incident where a being accepts something as being right or 'correct' to accept. Acceptance is the tool of Darkness because it requires one to 'give up' one's own sense of truth for that of another's sense of truth. When one relinquishes one's own viewpoint in order to taken on that of another the story has already been told - meaning that the stage has already been set in order to produce the effect of both the viewpoint and the sense of limitation. Both are completely false.

Along comes the world of Scientology which delineates and preserves boundaries and limitations seeking to create a mind-set of slavery to an imagined god. All aspects of one's life and living becomes controlled, directed and used to the benefit of the business. Here is the bad news: the planet will never be 'cleared', money is not 'power' and copyrighted lies are still just flubs on the truth track. The nefarious side of the business is something any of it's top administrators would have intimate knowledge about - as in up close and personal. The other side of the business is just as nefarious using snake oil for cash flow. All of the top administrators know this unless they are of particular use as a stooge, a front piece to be used for public consumption.

When one has their eyes closed and their mind 'receptive' anything can and does happen. This is a choice made by all out in the land of life and living. For some, to be used and abused brings 'happiness' where for others, to dominate and control brings 'happiness'. There is also the majority called the 'No Wavers' aka 'Acceptance'. Acceptance provides the fodder for the bang call domination. We all have our place in the Universe.

But that is a lie.

The welcome mat can be put out in front of any doorway but it is our choice to step through or pass by. And even after stepping through or passing by our nature is such that we can change course yet again. The only thing solid in this universe is that which has settled in one role or another, one object of consequence, one definable thing - and yet we are none of these.

The way to understand one's purpose this lifetime is to simply look at one's past experience. One's own particular experiences of ups and downs, joy and sorrow demonstrate the proclivities present this lifetime. Window shopping by looking at someone else's experiences and attempting to select them for one's own is but another definable experience telling you something about yourself. Your experience defines you, it lets you in on what it is that you should or should not be doing. Taking a hint and listen to what you are saying!

Scientology tries to become that definable moment for you and when you open the door it keeps the door open by creating additional definable moments. These definable moments take a lot of energy to create and the business of Scientology has worked this out in great detail. But that is what the business is doing - what about you?

For those that became perturbed in the organization and left perhaps the message is that no proclaimed philosophy or religion can 'set you free' - only you can do that. Perhaps the message is that a business or organization can only show you what their idea or viewpoint is and attempt to convince you of the worthiness of it - but that doesn't mean that it is true or even close to what is appropriate for you. Seeking answers is best left to those who are lost. Venturing into ignorance requires closed eyes. Well, the remedy for that is to simply look and see without the consequence of ignorance.

The reality is that no organization or state-approved business can can provide you with the goods. Only you can do that. Scientology in it's drive to attain both religious stature and philosophic greatness has failed. In that failure desperation has nurtured the conviction that the sinking ship must be saved. This is the reason for the 'separation' of some top administrators from the business of Scientology. The ploy of over shadowing the like-wise failed 'FreeZone' by taking the helm of 'Independent Scientology' is obvious. If killing two birds with one stone is good how about killing more? By pouring energy into the Darkness made manifest now called 'Independent Scientology' the business of Scientology is not only kept alive but the tortured path of it's philosophy is also ensured. Additionally, the opposition to the business of Scientology is embraced and carried forward. The flag has been captured!

Now it doesn't matter if a person is for or against the business called Scientology - both sides are fully controlled!

It appears that a nice chess move has been played with the victor wringing their hands in glee. Success! The future looks bright indeed with more and more 'lost souls' coming on board the 'Independent Express'. What power! What energy!

This can all be very interesting but let's put a few things into perspective shall we?

Rarely do I ever participate in actions based upon current situations. There is always a history of past and future in play. These I take into consideration for actionable events. As mentioned previously in this article one can gain perspective on one's self by viewing one's comparative history. The same holds true for each and every being, event, dimension or what-have-you. It has been said that experience attains position on a linear time track openly accessible to those who so wish it. But this is not the all of it. Time is but a filing marker and when reliance upon being is no longer relevant past and future become as the tick of a non-linear clock. It is in this regard that actionable items are played out.

In this dimension the forces of good and evil are merely the ups and downs of experience played out by yourself for yourself. When you look into the mirror what is it that you see? In the mirror of experience your definition becomes apparent. You are neither 'good' nor 'evil'. There is nothing but 'you'.

It is all about you and that's why there are so many who wish for a part of you. Vampiric tendencies produce crazed zombies vying each other for nourishment. They cannot live without your participation. The Darkness needs you.

The question is: Do you need the Darkness to show you something about yourself?

An Additional Note

In regard to Rathbun's illegitimacy his reluctance to come clean about his will-full participation in conducting the business of Scientology can be plainly seen. Loose lips sink ships. This is especially true in regard to his and his handlers black operations against the McClaughry family. And yet here is a man who kindly embraces Ralph Hilton, 'FreeZoner' and mental obstructionist who encourages others to chuck their own moral compass much in the same way that he has his own. Misery loves company.

It's very strange. On one side of the fence there is Rathburn, etc. who denounces the Scientology organization as corrupt leaving details and accountability strangely absent - especially his own. On the other side of the fence there is Virginia McClaughry who has named names, provided full details and left no stone unturned in her quest for truth and accountability. Perhaps the greatest difference is that where Rathbun participated in black operations in the interest of the business of Scientology, McClaughry sought to expose the twisted turns of the road.

Where one sought and seeks Darkness, the other awareness.

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