In The Order Of Things

Games, debate, discussion, or whatever label is attached to a post requires that we demand a response. More correctly, it would require that a predetermined effect be expected as a result. Otherwise, there would be no communication.

Most everyone who visits here probably already knows the communication formula since it is sort of a basic-basic on the entire bridge.

What the rest of the bridge does is teach you how to spot and handle the effects of that communication.

Auditing works because it gets the processee to communicate in an open, non-dangerous, environment.

To gain a mastery of communication, it must leave the auditing room and be used in the life-experience. You must create that open, non-dangerous environment and take it with you wherever you go. Ultimately, you must BE that.

You do not have to wait for an auditor to help you to take control of your communication space. All you have to do is - communicate!

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