States Of Existence

Awareness is the goal of the seeker, but the question remains, why does the seeker look forward to attaining a state of existence that belies the fact of the existence of the seeker in total disregard to so-called 'states'.

States of existence1 further the thought of existence. Neither are correct even though they dwell within the mind of the seeker as a statement of fact.

The seeker does not have existence, think thoughts or become the states of thinking in which hopes are bound.

What is the seeker? What are the states of thinking that are so desired?

To remove oneself merely defines another state. To be yourself merely defines another state. Awareness, enlightenment, serenity or bliss are all states of thinking. Beyond these, and others just as 'real', lies Truth.

Attaching states of existence onto this Truth will reveal those states. The trouble with states of existence is that these become overpowering and all else comes into existence based upon these states.

Viewing and perceiving are states in which the seeker can find themselves waking up to. A dream is still a dream even though the reality of it seems so 'real'.

Where do you want to dream today? Who do you want to be? What do you want others to be?

Being is the spark of Life, but nothing compares to Truth.1

  1. This article was also titled as: Nothing Compares To Truth 

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