Gates Of Wonder

We stand before the doors of heaven, scratching our heads in bewilderment, wondering how on Earth we managed to pull off such a feat as to get a ticket into seeing the Big Guy. Our life was not perfect. We dabbled in worthless activity drawing rewards wherever we could, justifying ourselves by feeling lightheaded once the nectar had been devoured. We were born in sin, lived a life of sin, yet here we are, at the Gates of Eternity.

Religion, in it's multifaceted varieties, expounds upon and delivers a detailed, in-depth discussion of the here-after along with it's many ways of achievement.. But above it all, it must first be demonstrated that the understanding and acceptance of those with ecclesiastical "authority" are acknowledged and more importantly worshipped in and of themselves. God's representation stands before the laity and must be evaluated with a clear and truthful-like manner. All in comparison to the edicts of ecclesiastical authority of course.

Religious worship, in whatever form, is acceptable worship. The same could be said of the worship of alternative theosophies. No matter the route taken, the end result will be same for those that wish it.

A life of sin will not dissolve the bearer of light.

A life of sin will erode the journeyman's progress.

When next you stand before the Gates of Choice, wonder not the "why", but wonder of the ease with which you have arrived. The Choice of Justice is not one of effort, but of ease. The Taskmaster requires otherwise from those who are of need.

Needing is not wanting. Wanting is not arriving. Arriving is the journey, while the destination sits neglected.

As we become rooted in wonderment, you may find that the wonder exists as well in those who surround us, but are never seen.

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