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Criss-Crossing the Night Away...

What do you get when you cross religion with capitalism? The answer is, of course, the New Age.... 14 Jan 2016

Belief and Beingness

What is this thing called 'religion'? What is one's sense of it? It seems that it all starts with belief - a yearning for something to stick to in order to come up with a sure-fire way to fool ourselves as to having a firm foundation... 12 Jun 2012

Harold Rosenthal Interview

... 24 Sep 2010

Getting Past The Thought

Opinions blind us, thoughts rule us and our own sense of superiority destroys us. They all share a common bond and as Free Zone America upholds directness, so too these thoughts and ideas uphold a common basis through which these find... 31 Mar 2005

Stuck In Time (Forum)

Have you ever come upon a moment, thought, or experience and found that whatever you do, it just doesn't seem to "go away". Besides being called an "engram", "by-passed charge", or "mis-emotion", it all amounts to the same thing - being stuck. A... 13 Apr 2004

There Are The Many And There Are The Few

There are many, many religions on this planet in which to pick and choose according to one's own liking. Some like it the "Devil's" way, other's like to play hide and seek in a cave. There is something for everyone here and funnily enough, there... 28 Aug 2003

A New Beginning

Spiritual awareness is not something that is given to you, sold to you or even imparted by some 'higher order' being from across the galaxy. You already encompass that awareness. The problem is that you don't know it.... 27 Sep 2002

The Abyss

Practices, religions, ways of life, all express the same desire for release. Freedom, by any other name remains the same. It is the hope that drives Man to the edge of the Abyss, only to falter in uncertainty. Jumping to conclusions becomes self... 21 Jun 2001

Alternate Realities

The religion of Scientology captured my interest at one time with its amazing ability to quantify and even redefine human behavior. This appearance was marketed within an illusionary atmosphere which preyed up certain yearnings within an... 04 Sep 2000

Gates Of Wonder

We stand before the doors of heaven, scratching our heads in bewilderment, wondering how on Earth we managed to pull off such a feat as to get a ticket into seeing the Big Guy. Our life was not perfect. We dabbled in worthless activity drawing... 16 Mar 2000

The Spiritual Dark Ages Of Man

Religion perpetually seeks to rid mankind of it's physical form and restore the sense of spirituality within us. Progress in this can be gauged in centuries for the nature of man is one of mindfulness. This mindfulness was further defined and... 06 Jan 2000

Are You Afraid of Lions?

We bring you the following article to give you more of an understanding about the practice of Scientology outside of the only officially recognized organization in which this religion may be practiced - The Church of Scientology. _Religious... 13 Jul 1998

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