A New Beginning

Spiritual awareness is not something that is given to you, sold to you or even imparted by some 'higher order' being from across the galaxy. You already encompass that awareness.

The problem is that you don't know it.

And that is what spiritual instruction attempts to do. It paves the way for you to open your inner eyes of sight. Sometimes, the instruction given seems strange, obtuse and hardly understandable, but in order to make any sort of spiritual progress at all, one must first come to the conclusion that one has found a path that will lead to the goal of becoming a Free Being.

No one will ever make any real spiritual progress flitting to and fro, all in the name of 'enlightenment'. It has never happened and it will never happen. This is the reason for the term 'Standard Scientology'.

Following the standard and staying true to one's religion is the most honorable path for any aspirant to take. The rewards of placing faith and trust in that standard path are always achieved. This also is assured, but when a divergent path is taken even while outwardly voicing the need for staying true to one's religion, then what becomes assured instead is a hollow victory for spiritual growth shrivels under the wandering eye. What it becomes instead is entertainment.

You will never find spiritual growth in entertainment.

And so it is with Standard Scientology. Keeping Scientology Working is only a policing action for those who have no faith or trust in the religion itself. The wandering eye rejects the chain of self discipline.

Before spiritual growth occurs, there must first come the faith and trust that must be placed before it. When there is none, all sorts of 'new' and 'creative' process and methods are developed. I tell you now. Nothing else is needed.

If you are looking to 'try' the Scientology religion, then I would say don't bother. If you are looking to resolve some issue dealing with your humanhood, then I would say look elsewhere. If you recognize that a spiritual being lurks within you and you have an unquenchable desire to let loose that spirit, then I would say that the Scientology religion, as set forth by L. Ron Hubbard, will never leave you wanting.

There is an end in sight. Practicing one's religion is not the end in itself. The end in itself is recognizing the Free Being that you already are, and the only way that freedom will come is to stop turning an eye to the entertainment. Divest yourself of inattention and find true Freedom.

The New Beginning is you taking that first step and allowing yourself to follow a path that will assure you of your victory. It's a straight and simple path. Going off into the jungle is like walking into the Lion's den. You will be snared.

It's fine to walk into the jungle, there is nothing wrong with that. But when traveling, don't forget the guide book. Better yet, become the knowledge you seek.

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